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Instant Gas Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

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Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System Installations, Repairs & Replacement

Have you considered making the switch to an instantaneous hot water system? You’re not alone: it’s the fastest-growing hot water best-seller not only in the Gold Coast, but all over Queensland and Australia.

Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we’d be delighted to get one of the best, most reliable and most affordable hot water brands up and running at your place this week.

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Save $$$ With Expert Hot Water Plumbers

Did you know that hot water accounts for some 30% of your home electricity bill? That’s a lot of money, and a great reason to consider asking the friendly hot water plumbers at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts about a brand-new, energy-efficient hot water system that suits your budget, lifestyle and home.

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What’s great about instant gas hot water?

These slick, energy-efficient, state-of-the-art and feature-rich hot water systems are selling like hotcakes, and are available in both electric and the ever-more-popular instantaneous gas hot water versions. Why should you explore your options for an instantaneous hot water system?

Endless hot water: You may be most familiar with traditional storage tank-based hot water technology, but once that tank runs dry, your shower goes cold. With an instant gas hot water system, the water literally never runs out.

Space-saving: Imagine that traditional hot water unit – so big and bulky that if you can’t tuck it away out of sight, it can be an eye-sore. Instant units are a tenth of the size and easily mounted on walls… even inside your home as ventilation is less of an issue.

Healthier: Tank systems are prone to corroding, rusting, and filling up with dirt, sediment and even harmful bacteria. Instant gas hot water, however, only ever heats totally fresh water – meaning what comes out of your tap is also fresh.

Greener: In our ever more environmentally-minded times, carbon emissions are a big deal. The typical continuous flow hot water system is well over 50% more efficient than traditional hot water technologies and available for the ‘greener’ energies of both LPG and natural gas.

More durable: A storage tank system may be a little cheaper, but did you know the warranties on instant systems are typically much longer? That’s because their usable life is about DOUBLE that of a traditional system, which features more moving parts and a corrodible tank.

Features: Your tank system doesn’t do much more than heat and store your water. But an instantaneous system does so much more, with a key feature being remote temperature controlling but precisely the safe and soothing water that’s right for your family.

Continuous flow technology is here to stay

A storage system works by using a heating element or gas burner to warm the water as it enters the tank – where it stays until you’re ready to use it. But a continuous flow unit needs no corrodible and sizeable tank because it simply heats the water with a state-of-the-art heat exchanger – whether electric or gas-powered – whenever you turn on a hot tap. So you never need to either waste or miss a single drop.

How to choose the right instant system for you?

aquamax instantaneous gas hot water systemThe correct hot water system sizing is typically based on the number of people in a household, which then determines how many litres of water your tank will need to heat and store. But sizing an instant gas hot water unit is different, as it depends almost exclusively on the number of hot water outlets that may be used simultaneously.

For example:

  • 1 hot water outlet – 16L system capacity
  • 2 hot water outlets – 20L system capacity
  • 2-3 hot water outlets – 24L system capacity
  • 3 or more hot water outlets – 32L capacity

Gas or electric instant hot water?

Are you choosing between gas vs electric hot water? No matter how you’re going to power it, instantaneous electric and instantaneous gas hot water will be considerably cheaper to run than their traditional gas/electric storage tank alternatives. But particularly if you’re in a larger or busier home or premises, that’s when the full benefits of an instant gas hot water system really start to kick in. If you’re just looking to update your traditional electric setup, consider converting to gas hot water. Electric instant still offers annual savings but is better suited to small needs such as under sink hot water systems rather than whole of house usage.

Gold Coast’s experts can install your unit FAST

No matter which way you’re leaning, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts won’t just offer you fully personalised advice about technology type, brand, model and power options – we’ll send a Gold Coast plumber get your new instant hot water system supplied and installed in a flash. Our licensed and experienced hot water experts will make sure your ideal unit matches your home, lifestyle, budget and preferences, so get in touch with Gold Coast Plumbing Experts today for a fast, personalised quote and super-speedy service.


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