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If you ask the average Aussie in the street about hot water brands, they might quote back at you well-known names like Rheem, Bosch, or perhaps Dux or Rinnai. But if you ask a great local plumber for their hot water preference, they may well tell you to take a closer look at a Thermann hot water system.

And there are plenty of reasons for that. Firstly, it’s a no-nonsense brand with a great range featuring proven technology at a price you can afford, solid warranties and industry-leading after-sales service – and that’s definitely helped Thermann hot water to become one of the biggest hot water brands in the entire country. Thermann itself claims to be the fastest-growing brand not only here but also in New Zealand, which is pretty impressive for a company that is not yet even ten years old.

Secondly, many of you will know that well-known plumbing supplier, Reece. Well, Thermann is a Reece brand, and what this 100-year-old brand does is take a look at the market, get various companies to manufacture reliable and affordable hot water systems, and brand them as Thermann.

Thermann Gas Hot Water Systems

Many continuous flow Thermann gas hot water systems, for instance, are actually made by Chofu – probably Japan’s most popular hot water system brand of all. One outstanding Chofu-made Thermann hot water system is the 6-Star continuous flow range, which is a major seller across the Gold Coast market and beyond. And the reasons for that are pretty obvious:

1. 6-Star energy efficiency

Thermann is clearly so chuffed with its sleek and popular gas continuous flow system that it put the maximum 6-Star energy rating into the product’s actual name.

2. 12-year warranty

We think this is the first time we’ve done a hot water review and been able to tell you about a 12-year warranty! Normally, a 10-year hot water system warranty is a show-stopper – but with two years on top of that, you really can be sure your investment is fully protected for the entire life of the unit.

3. All the bells and whistles

These days, a hot water system range stands out from the crowded marketplace thanks to all those extra bells and whistles. Many of the best features in this Thermann hot water system are in the design itself – for instance, there are even fewer parts inside this unit than usual, making servicing and repairs simple. This unit will also operate at very low water pressure, but the real show-stopper with the 6-Star range is the compact controller, allowing the homeowner to set one temperature for the shower, another for the bath, and yet another for the kitchen sink. How cool is that?

Convinced by our Thermann hot water review?

What about the rest of the Thermann hot water system range? Many of the brand’s popular storage systems are made by the leading Australian manufacturer Dux, while other electric, solar and heat pump Thermann systems are made by companies in Germany, China and the USA, especially for Australian conditions.

As we suggested earlier, if you ask an experienced hot water plumber for their opinion, they may just tell you that Thermann has cracked the code when it comes to the competitive Australian hot water market with no-nonsense, high-performing and proven technologies backed by established and innovative brands. And the best part? Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are waiting right here to advise you about the very best system for your home and needs – and then we can install it for you this week with the very best Thermann hot water system price! Ready for a Thermann? Get in touch with Gold Coast Plumbing Experts today.

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