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Backflow Prevention, Testing,
Installation & Repairs

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Backflow Prevention, Testing, Installation & Repairs

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Backflow Prevention Testing, Installation & Repairs

A lot of plumbing problems are annoying: dripping taps, unflushable toilets, a bung hot water system. But one of the most serious, damaging, unsafe and unhealthy plumbing problems across the Gold Coast and beyond is pipe backflow. Is it time you took backflow prevention more seriously?

What Is Backflow Plumbing, Anyway?

It may sound obvious, but your entire plumbing system is designed to be strictly one-way. If water does a u-turn and starts to flow in the wrong direction, the water you rely on to bathe in, wash your dishes and consume can become dangerously contaminated with wastewater. And with the Gold Coast and Queensland lucky to benefit from some of the healthiest water on earth, backflow at your place endangers not just your family – but all of our families.

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Almost always, the problem is related to pressure – such as when a water main bursts. Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of problems with backflow Gold Coast wide, caused by issues like:

Backflow Issues? We’ll Fix It, Fast!

Pipe backflow is one of the most dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, and unhealthy plumbing problems on the Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast backflow plumbers are specially trained to install, maintain, and test backflow prevention devices.

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Gold Coast’s Most Trusted Backflow Plumbing Experts

The really bad news is when backflow problems, and failures in backflow prevention measures, become difficult to detect or trace within a singular plumbing system. That’s when you need a specialised team of backflow plumbing experts who’ve seen and done it all and use all the best diagnostic and repair equipment and techniques to check and remedy any backflow issues at your place.

Typically, backflow testing consists of checking whether backflow is an issue at your place, and then determine if and how it can be remedied. It’s done by manipulating backflow testing device valves to check for leaks, correct and consistent pressure readings, gauge movement and other key signs of backflow issues.

Our professional backflow prevention services also include:

  • TMZ (thermostatic mixing valve) testing: To ensure safety and compliance with hot water temperature requirements to protect children and other vulnerable people.
  • Backflow installation: For compliance with national plumbing standards and to meet the necessary and relevant hazard rating.
  • Backflow replacement or repair: Just about every backflow device installed in every home will eventually need a professional repair including seal or jumper replacements or a full repair kit. Typically, full backflow replacements are done by plumbers offering specialised backflow testing & installation services rather than general plumbing, due to the specialised tooling, methodology and procedural requirements.

Are You Having Backflow Issues?

When people buy homes, almost no thought goes into every aspect of what looking after that home requires over the short and long term – and that definitely applies to backflow problems. Make sure you keep on top of your backflow by jumping into action with the merest sign of a potential issue:

  • Smell something?: If it’s foul or sulphurous, backflow problems could be afoot.
  • Flow/drainage not right?: Rising water levels in one place and falling water levels in another is a sure sign of backflow trouble, as the inconsistent flow finds somewhere to go.
  • Colour look strange?: If your water goes from crisp & clear to brown, yellow or even pink, get in touch with an experienced backflow plumber near you.
  • Pooling water?: Especially if those puddles are forming on your lawn or elsewhere in the garden, your backflow problems could be mounting up fast.

Trust The Experts In Backflow Gold Coast Wide

Before backflow trouble damages your home, endangers your bank balance and even threatens the health of your neighbours and community, get in touch with Gold Coast Plumbing Experts and ask us about backflow prevention and testing. We offer same-day service, upfront pricing and a lifetime workmanship guarantee (and much more), so put your backflow worries in the best possible hands by giving Gold Coast Plumbing Experts a call today.


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