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Drainage Solutions Gold Coast

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Drainage Solutions Gold Coast

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Local Stormwater Drainage Specialists You Can Trust!

How seriously do you need to take your property’s drainage solutions? Don’t forget, while stormwater management is up to your local authorities once it hits the community drainage system, your own roof plumbing, drainage management and stormwater infrastructure is all down to you. With affordable and fully guaranteed solutions, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts can help out with all your drainage needs including:

  • Your roof plumbing
  • Gutters, downpipes, drains & pits
  • Connections & discharge points
  • Repairs, replacements & installations
  • Servicing, maintenance & advice.
Drainage Solutions Gold Coast

Save $$$ With Expert Blocked Drain Plumbers

Regardless of whether your backyard is flooding when it rains, or your toilet or basin is backing up, we can help. We’re also available for 24 hours, 7 days a week, for when you need us the most. Trust the Gold Coast blocked drain experts!

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Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Gold Coast plumbers today!

Guaranteed Drainage Solutions Gold Coast Wide

How much thought do you give to your property’s stormwater system? When everything’s working fine, it can be easy to think your place will cope when the next storm hits. But just imagine the damage that can be done due to poor planning, bad installation, wear & tear, blockages and leaks. From a trickle to a full-on flood, you might soon be dealing with:

  • Standing water
  • Sinkholes
  • A huge backyard mess
  • Internal wall, floor & ceiling damage
  • Health & safety hazards
  • Foundation saturation & erosion.

Are you noticing damp or sodden patches in the garden? Pooling water starting to worry you? Drains no longer coping in drizzle or a downpour? Gutters clogged & overflowing? Suspect foundation movement or spotted a new damp spot or crack in the wall?

If you’re struggling with stormwater, the fully-licensed and highly experienced plumbing specialists at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts always know what to do.

Affordable Stormwater Drainage Solutions

We go beyond your mere roof, gutters and drains to look into every aspect of your property’s overall interconnected stormwater drainage solutions, taking into consideration your roof, your landscaping, your driveways and more.

Our hand-working team can help out with:

Stormwater inspections: With highly specialised equipment including sophisticated CCTV cameras, we take the most proactive approach to identify the problems and problem-areas.

Drainage emergencies: It goes without saying that the skies can open at any time to create a true drainage management emergency – including Sunday afternoons, midnight on a Wednesday or a public holiday. We’ll be right there, 24/7, with a fast, bespoke emergency plumber service.

Every single problem: From a blocked drain due to tree roots to poorly designed stormwater systems, contamination, water running onto neighbours’ properties, garden damage, saturated soil and so much more, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts is standing by and ready to help.

Have you noticed:

  • Damp or wet patches or areas?
  • Collecting water?
  • Stormwater drain blockages?
  • Roof plumbing, leaks, gutter & downpipe issues?
  • Subsidence, sinking or cracks?

At Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we fully guarantee the workmanship on all of our simple, complex & bespoke backyard drainage solutions Australia-wide, ensuring:

  • Same-day service in most cases
  • Detailed & customised inspections & solutions
  • Upfront pricing with senior’s discount
  • Prompt, clean, courteous, fully-licensed drainage plumbers.

The Trusted Name For Gold Coast Drainage Services

When the sun is shining, it can be easy to overlook the importance of seamless storm water drainage solutions. But can your home, property or business afford a sodden, expensive, wet & destructive drainage emergency? It’s always the perfect time to give our friendly team of drainage and stormwater experts a call right here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. For fast work, expert advice and fully-guaranteed workmanship with a smile, call Gold Coast Plumbing Experts now.


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Our regular clients know our commitment to being available whenever we’re needed and reputation for high quality, reliable work. See what customers are saying about our Gold Coast plumbing services and why Gold Coast locals recommend us.

I could not be more impressed with the service provided by this company, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. We needed some tricky guttering replacement and sealing completed and Joseph performed the work with a high degree of professionalism and skill…

Gary Fox

Matti and Joseph are very professional, reliable, friendly, and had great communication throughout. I am very happy with there service and will use GC plumbing experts in the future. Thank you.

Angel Matryoshka

The guys from GC plumbing experts came out to offer a quote on our outdoor drainage problems. On the day of the quote we also needed some work done to properly diagnose the problem which was able to happen the same day as Joseph had equipment in the car…

Karli Wilson

Blocked Drains FAQ

Is a blocked drain classified as an emergency?

If you pull out the plug after doing the dishes and the water doesn’t drain away as quickly as usual, there’s no doubt that a blocked drain is brewing. But compared to a gas leak, a burst pipe or a live electrical hazard, it’s obviously not an emergency.

However, once that blockage becomes complete and serious, you’re definitely starting to move into emergency territory! That is especially true for sewer drain blockages, where hazardous raw sewage could back up into your home, or you’re already ankle-deep in spilled water or waste that threatens to damage your property – or worse.

You’re also perfectly justified in getting your local emergency plumber out of bed on a Sunday morning if:

  • There’s also a water leak
  • The blockage is rapidly worsening
  • When your home or business can no longer function properly
  • If you’re in the food or hospitality business
  • When the consequences are not contained to a single area.
What is the most common cause of blocked drains?

Blocked drains are among the most disruptive and potentially damaging of all the plumbing problems – but unfortunately there are many, many ways in which they are caused. According to the most hands-on experienced plumbers, it’s impossible to identify the clear ‘number 1’ blocked drain cause – but it’s certainly possible to narrow it down to a top 10.

If that experienced professional plumber was really pressed for an answer, however, they may tell you that tree root incursions cause the most problematic and serious clogged drains – because those roots can not only block the drains, they can also destroy them. Other leading blocked drain causes are:

  • Fats, grease & food debris
  • Toilet paper, sanitary products & wipes
  • Small single objects like kids’ toys
  • Balls of hair & shower soap
  • Concrete/tiler’s grout from renovations/construction
  • Pipe scale
  • Poor pipe installation/maintenance.
Who is responsible for clearing blocked drains?

If those blocked drains are on the bounds of your property, then the responsibility for dealing with it is all on you. In fact, it’s a responsibility that extends beyond your regard for your property, family & investment, because severe penalties and ramifications await in the event that your drain problems cause problems for your neighbours or wider community.

If you’re renting and you have a blocked drain, you therefore need to promptly get in touch with the property manager or the Landlord to let them know that the issue needs to be urgently addressed. But if you’re not sure if the problem is solely on the grounds of your property or whether the community drain (or stormwater drain) system could also be affected, get in touch with your local council or a trusted plumber to explore further.


For upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, call the plumbers Gold Coast locals can rely on for fast and friendly service.