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Blocked Sink Drains Gold Coast

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Blocked Sink Drains Cleared!

How often do you think about how efficiently the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen are working? If all is well, the answer should be ‘hardly ever’. But now that yours is playing up, and you’ve realised how crucial they are to the smooth functioning of your household and plumbing, it really is time to deal that that pesky blocked sink.

When it’s working well, a sink is not something you give thought to. But when it’s not, a blocked sink drain is a real pain that has the potential to cause damage, a big mess, an even bigger bill – and it can even threaten the health and safety of your family.

Luckily, you can put your blocked kitchen sink or bathroom sink out of your mind if you give Gold Cost Plumbing Experts a call right now. Our local plumbing experts are clean and courteous, our vans are fully stocked, and we’re on call 24/7 for those really tricky situations.

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We have fully-qualified Gold Coast plumbers that are ready to assist with all your plumbing needs, 24 hours 7 days a week! Don’t just choose any blocked drain plumbers. Choose Gold Coast Plumbing Experts!

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Blocked Sink – More Common Than You Think

That pesky dripping tap aside, the plumbing problem we see most often is a plumbing blockage. Sinks, in particular, are a hard-working part of your plumbing system that needs to be working just right to clear away all that water efficiently. Even a partially blocked kitchen sink can cause a lot of problems – and we’re talking about damage, smells, bills and an unsafe home.

That blocked sink may also cause:

Do You Think You Have A Blocked Sink Drain?

cleared kitchen sinkYou should always be watching out for the signs of a blocked sink. Is yours struggling to drain? Do you notice any more of these common symptoms of a blocked bathroom sink?

  • Foul drain smell?
  • Drain that is gurgling or otherwise noisy?
  • Slow-to-drain water?

To understand what’s gone wrong, Gold Coast Plumbing Expert’s blocked sink specialists report that the major causes of a blocked sink are:

  • Foreign objects
  • Food waste
  • Hair, soap and dirt
  • Build-up of minerals
  • Tree roots
  • Bad plumbing installation

Can I Try To Fix My Blocked Sink?

The easiest way to dodge getting a blocked sink is prevention. The use of drain strainers, being careful about what you pour down the sink, and giving your drain a flush every now and then with hot water can all help.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow draining sink. Not only is it an inconvenience but if it’s not dealt with effectively, it can lead to more serious drainage issues later on. What you need to know is that your home has different kinds of drainage. Because of this, unblocking a toilet is different from unblocking a wash basin or a blocked kitchen sink.

If you have encountered a slow draining or blocked sink, no doubt you’ll have tried the usual methods of dispersing sink blockages.

These include over-the-counter chemical cleaners and/or the tried and tested plunger. There are a lot of articles online that can offer home remedies for blocked drains. Some of them are helpful and some are detrimental.

The important thing to remember is this. Do not ignore a blocked sink, assuming that the problem will go away.

It is best to catch the problem at the beginning stage than wait until all the drains at your property are totally blocked.

But if you need some professional help, it’s time to get Gold Coast Plumbing Experts on the case! Our guys are trustworthy, licensed and experienced, our prices are competitively low, and we can handle any residential, commercial, or industrial job of any type.

Sounds like you’re ready to put that blocked sink behind you! Get in touch today for friendly, speedy service.


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