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Rinnai may be a Japanese brand, but for more than half a century it’s been a trusted mainstay of the Australian hot water sector. Rinnai hot water units range across the technological product spectrum, and the company employs almost 600 Australians across 3 manufacturing facilities.

For the Australian consumer, the hot water brand name is synonymous with innovation. In the early 90s, the company launched the country’s first gas continuous flow systems, elevating Rinnai instantaneous hot water as the revolutionary Aussie gold standard for hot water that simply never runs out.

Over 12 million Rinnai hot water systems are sold every year, and plenty of those have been installed by our Gold Coast plumbers, backed by our workmanship guarantee.

Rinnai electric hot water systems

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the latest impressive range of Rinnai electric hot water systems – specifically, the popular ‘Hotflo’ series.

So what’s so great about this electric hot water system series, anyway?:

1. They’re available in ultra-compact 25-litre to super-sized 400-litre units

Whether you need something compact enough to fit under a bench, or whopping enough for the biggest of big Australian families, there’s a Hotflo for you! That’s one of the key advantages of a powerful brand and range like Rinnai’s.

2. They feature either single or twin-element configurations

Brilliant for every budget, you can get a Hotflo Rinnai hot water service with either a single or double element. The dual-element is incredibly efficient because while a single element heats only from the bottom, the two-element layout moves water from one end of the tank to the other – giving you faster heating.

3. There are plenty of safety features

Without getting too technical in this Rinnai hot water review, it’s well worth pointing out that something this brand takes very seriously is safety. And scrolling through the Hotflo manuals will reveal that there are plenty of innovative safety features built into these thermostatically-controlled systems, including an emergency temperature shut-off.

4. The sizing is standard for emergency changeovers

Rinnai has put a lot of effort into thinking about absolutely everything – including those frustrating moments when a hot water system gives up the ghost. So it’s good to know that the entire Hotflo range is equipped with features that all come in standard sizing. Why is that important? Because it makes them the ideal solution for switching systems in a hurry with the lowest possible changeover costs.

5. The warranties go all the way up to 10 years

There aren’t too many families for whom the cost of a new hot water system isn’t a big deal. So when you’re spending that kind of money, you want to know firstly that the manufacturer is confident enough about its products’ reliability that they can slap a big warranty on it. And secondly, if something does go wrong within that period, it’s always great to have a big brand like Rinnai in your corner, making replacing or repairing it easy and free long into the future. The 10-year warranty on almost the entire Hotflo range stacks up very well against the competition.

Choose Rinnai hot water with Gold Coast Plumbing Experts

Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, it would be our pleasure to help you decide which Hotflo system is right for your home, lifestyle, budget and family – and we’d absolutely love to install a new one for you too! Don’t forget, there are also Rinnai gas hot water systems to choose from, as well as a continuous flow, heat pump and solar systems as well.

Are you ready for a Rinnai hot water system installation? Get in touch with the Gold Coast’s plumbing experts today!