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Have you ever had that “Install a Rheem, install a Rheem, install a Rheem!” jingle stuck in your head? You may think it was brilliant marketing from a true giant of the competitive Australian hot water industry, and you’d be right. But Rheem hot water stardom was a long, long way from the brand’s origins when brothers Richard and Donald Rheem started making galvanised steel drums in California way back in 1925.

How, then, did Rheem become Australia’s favourite name in hot water? That journey started in Sydney in 1939, when by May of that year Rheem Australia was half-bought by BHP and Australians revelled in the amazing quality of locally-made Aussie steel hot water systems.

Fast forward another 80+ years, and Rheem hot water is still coming on “steady, hot and strong”. The brand offers a great range across the technology categories, from electric hot water, gas hot water to solar and even brilliant new smart water heater products.

Rheem Gas Hot Water Review

Let’s take a quick look at the history of Rheem gas hot water systems. In the 90s, they called the series “Stellar”, which was the first five-star gas storage water heater … in the world! Today, Rheem gas hot water systems prices remain as innovative as the latest product range … and here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we’re going to tell you why.

We’re going to zoom in on one of Rheem’s most popular product series – the high-efficiency Rheem gas hot water systems. Specifically, we’re looking at the “Pronto” range of Rheem gas instantaneous hot water systems, and explaining what we think is so great about them.

The best way to celebrate a great range of Rheem hot water systems is by celebrating the headline features. So here they are:

“Pronto” – a Rheem gas heater with all the best features

1. The 5.9 Star energy rating

The Pronto is an example of Rheem gas instantaneous hot water systems – a compact unit which, unlike storage tank systems, doesn’t actually store any hot water. The upside is that your water is instantly heated directly from the mains every time you turn on the tap – so your shower will never go cold. The downside is that they typically use a lot of power. And with water heating accounting for 25% of your entire power usage, that’s a big downside indeed.

There are six possible stars on an instant hot water system, and the Pronto tops the charts at an amazing 5.9 Stars. Bravo, Pronto!

2. The 10-year warranty

Hot water system warranties are typically between 6 to 10 years. And the Pronto? 10. Enough said.

3. The mounting points

Something that puts people off making a major technological shift from a storage system to an instantaneous system is the complexity. Why? Because the technology types are radically different, and so are the mounting points and connections. That’s why Rheem made the mounting points and connections the same for its innovative Rheem gas heater as is the case for pretty much every other common mechanical water heaters. Bravo again!

4. The hydro-electric generator

The hydro…what? Let us explain! Rheem gas hot water systems have always been great, because – let’s face it – your gas connection is also great! However, the downside of gas instantaneous systems is that you also need an electrical connection to make it work. But not the Pronto! This piece of kit features a hydro-electric generator that lights the gas when you turn a tap on. Brilliant.

5. The electronic temperature control

Unfortunately, some gas instantaneous systems are known for being not very good at delivering stable temperatures reliably. But with the Pronto, Rheem has conquered this problem by building in electronic temperature control. This also makes the Pronto extremely safe, because while independent tests have shown that rival systems temperatures can sometimes rise to a dangerous 74 degrees – but in the same conditions, the temperature fluctuation goes up to just 65.4, but drops a quick-fire 5 seconds later. And finally, there’s a switch you can flick for ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’, ensuring your system works perfectly with exactly the right operations whether it’s hot or cold outside.

Want Gold Coast Plumbing Experts to install a Rheem Hot Water System for you?

If you’re convinced that the Pronto really is a brilliant little unit, why not give our Gold Coast hot water system experts a call to discuss your options for an installation this week at a great price? You can choose between 12 and 16 litre systems, installation is fast and easy, you don’t need an electrical connection, and you can rest easy that you’re getting an awesome Australian-made system that is designed specifically for use here in the Gold Coast and beyond.

Just one quick call and we’ll send a plumber in Molendinar, Currumbin Valley, Broadbeach Waters, Elanora, Merrimac or anywhere else on the Gold Coast. Ready to install a Rheem with Gold Coast Plumbing Experts’ help? Get in touch today.