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When you’re in the market for a new hot water system, there’s a lot to think about. You need a system that is appropriate for your lifestyle, usage and family size. And you may opt for a modern electric system to take advantage of your off-peak tariffs, or prefer to enjoy the benefits of the natural gas that is flowing to your property. Then there are those sleek and convenient instantaneous systems that save precious space, ultra-sophisticated energy-saving systems based on heat pump technology, and even solar options if you really want to go ‘green’ and start investing in energy independence into the future.

But today, we’re going to look at what can be the most difficult choice of all when you’re browsing all of those hot water systems and options: The confusing plethora of hot water system brands. Some brands are so powerful that you instantly recognise them – and perhaps even recall the 80s TV jingle! Others may be recommended for their stellar reliability reputation, while others rely on their brand conveying better value for money.

Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we’re only interested in supplying and installing hot water systems of the very best quality, built by some of the very best brands in the competitive Australian market – because, at the end of the day, we want you to associate our own brand with the reliable, affordable and steaming hot water coming out of your taps and showerheads!

So what are the 5 favourite hot water system brands of your trusted Gold Coast plumbers, and how did they build those brands so that their stickers are all over the units we supply all over the Gold Coast and beyond? Read on:

1. Rheem

Rheem Hot Water Sytem Brands

You’re already singing it, aren’t you? (“Install a Rheem! Install a Rheem!) They may supply the “hottest of hot, hot water you’ve ever seen” in Australia, but founding brothers Richard and Donald Rheem actually went into the steel drum business in California. However, Rheem is also an iconic Aussie brand, because Rheem Australia was actually the brothers’ first overseas venture in 1936. Almost immediately, BHP bought half of the company, Rheem hot water systems were made of Aussie steel … and the rest is history.

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2. Aquamax

Aquamax hot water system brandsWe’re putting Aquamax at #2 for a very good reason – it’s actually owned by the aforementioned Aussie market leader. It’s also a fully Australian brand that was established in Melbourne in 1988 when the whole country was celebrating the bicentenary of the arrival of the fabled first fleet. But you may actually be more interested in the fact that Aquamax’s latest electric range is 27% more efficient than the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) set out by the Australian government.

3. Bosch

Bosch hot water systems

We also install an awful lot of Bosch hot water systems, and when we ask “why?”, we’re often told that Germans are really great at ultra-reliable, high-precision engineering. And who can argue with that? Actually, the wholly Aussie-owned subsidiary has been in Victoria for well over 100 years.

4. Thermann

thermann hot water systems

You probably don’t know that Thermann is the fastest-growing hot water system name not only in Australia but also in New Zealand. It certainly has been a meteoric rise to prominence for this 8-year-old company, but it’s no surprise: They admit to looking at the best-performing systems on the market and pledge to make their own offerings better and more affordable. Bingo!

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5. Rinnai

rinnai hot water repairs

Rounding out our Top 5 is Rinnai, which may originate from Japan but the wholly Australian-owned subsidiary has been here for over 50 years – and there are no less than three Rinnai manufacturing plants in Australia!

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That’s our Top 5, but we have a couple of honourable mentions that also deserve to be on this list:

  • Dux: Another top Japanese brand making Australian-made hot water systems
  • Vulcan: Like Aquamax, a Rheem-owned brand with an emphasis on affordability.

Are you ready to choose from the best hot water system brands?

Although it can be confusing, the upside of the bustling Australian hot water system market is actually great news for discerning customer like you. If you’re struggling to come to a decision, why not get in touch with a plumber Gold Coast can depend on, we’d love to help you out.