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Need Water Leak Detection Services?

Sometimes, water leak detection is much more complex and difficult than finding a puddle and patching a hole. In fact, you may not even be aware that you have a big problem lurking behind a wall or under your feet. Have you noticed:

  • More expensive than usual water bills?
  • Stains or damp patches on your walls?
  • Water marks on bricks & concrete?
  • Signs of mould and mildew?
  • Sounds of flowing, dripping or hissing water?
  • Unusually low water pressure?

Yes, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts can help! Our Gold Coast plumbers are trained, qualified, fully-equipped and highly experienced in advanced water leak detection Gold Coast wide. With our skills and the best and latest technology, we detect the water leaks that our rivals cannot!

Save $$$ With Water Leak Detection Experts

Our expert water leak detection services are specifically tailored for your particular problem, keeping the price as low as possible with guaranteed results. From minor and concealed leaks around the home and garden to serious problems in commercial and industrial settings, our plumbers deliver the water leak services you require. We’re even on call 24/7 for those wet and wild emergencies than simply cannot wait!

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Why Uncover Hidden Water leaks?

thermal image water leak detectionThinking of ignoring those minor signs and symptoms, hoping it won’t develop into a messy, damaging and expensive plumbing nightmare? Even the most minor water leak poses a serious risk to your lifestyle, your property, your family and your business – not to mention your peace of mind.

Without Gold Coast leak detection, a minor leak can:

  • Cause massive damage as water leaks constantly out of the plumbing system, day and night
  • Leave you with hefty water and repair bills
  • Create an unsafe and unhealthy environment, with mould, in particular, exacerbating asthma and allergies.

But don’t worry, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are the Gold Coast leak detection experts! Our workmanship is guaranteed, our equipment is up-to-date, our customer service is second to none, and our prices always put a smile on your face.


Get upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, when you book one of our expert Gold Coast plumbers today!

Water Leak Detection Gold Coast Locals Can Trust

plumber using water leak detection equipmentWe can detect and fix Gold Coast water leaks including:

  • In water pipes
  • In showers and other wet areas
  • In the floors & ceiling
  • Beneath the ground and under concrete
  • Stormwater drains
  • In appliances or fittings
  • And more!

Our expertise in premium water leak detection services stand to save you a lot of money in repairs and bills – not to mention all of that precious wasted water! No matter the leak, and how difficult it is to locate access and repair, you can rest assured we’ve seen it before and know exactly what to do.

Gold Coast Plumbing Experts is a family-owned plumbing business that can handle your problem today! We always:

  • Arrive on time
  • Devise the most cost-effective solution
  • Complete the job quickly and clean up the mess.

Sprung a leak? Don’t hesitate to call the friendly team today for a speedy response.

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100% recommend this company, Jake was very helpful, and saved us a lot of money with a much better solution then others suggested.

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Case Study: Water Leak Detection Gold Coast

In this video Matt responds to a call requiring Gold Coast leak detection. The customer has heard loud singing noises coming from his pipes. We’re here to investigate and have connected an air hose and done a pressure test which shows there is definitely a water leak. What we’re doing now is using the listening equipment and we’ve detected with our ground microphone on hard services a high reading of 662dB. That’s telling us the leak is right under the square paver. Now we have a discussion with the property owner about digging and repairing the leak.

Leak Detection FAQ

How much does water detection cost?

The experience of a plumbing service and type of equipment that needs to be used will influence the cost of water leak detection. A more hidden leak may take more time to pinpoint. To have a better idea of the cost, call Gold Coast Plumbing Experts today. When it comes to repairs, precision water leak detection saves you money as there is less disruption and time needed since the location of the leak is accurately known.

Is there a tool to detect a water leak?

We use the latest in precision acoustic leak detectors to find the source of a leak. These listening devices are able to pick up tiny differences in sounds made by water passing through pipes versus leaks and breaks. Your plumber points the microphone receiver along a wall, concrete slab or other surface. The signal is amplified and relayed to headphones, allowing an experienced plumber to accurately locate the leak by listening for the difference in sound where the pipe is broken.

How do I find a water leak under concrete?

You may suspect water leaking under concrete if you see water pooling on a slab floor, damp patches beside driveways or have a high water bill. Advanced water leak detection technology can detect water leaks under concrete with ease, meaning the most efficient repairs and minimal concrete cutting if it’s deemed necessary.

What if you can’t find our leak?

Our job is to find a solution to all your plumbing needs, that goes for leak detection too! It’s quite rare that our plumbing team would be unable to explain a leakage. In fact, we are even hired by other plumbers to lend our leak detection expertise.


For upfront pricing, guaranteed workmanship and a free plumbing inspection, call the plumbers Gold Coast locals can rely on for fast and friendly service.