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Close your eyes and think about Dux hot water systems. You’re already thinking about that familiar red and white logo, aren’t you? There’s a very good reason for that. All over the Gold Coast and from coast-to-coast elsewhere in the country, billions of litres of steaming hot water have been pumped into Australian homes for well over 100 years. 106 years, to be precise.

And in that century of service, Dux water heater units manufactured out of NSW’s Southern Highlands have steadily built a reputation for quality, efficiency and reliability. But although you can get Dux hot water pumped into your bath, shower and kitchen thanks to instantaneous, solar or heat pump technologies, the brand is perhaps best known for producing some of the best-selling storage tank models in Australia, including the gas series called ‘Prodigy’.

Dux’s overall best-seller, which we’re going to take a deeper look at in this review, is the storage-based Dux electric hot water system series called ‘Proflo‘. The brand itself calls these units “tough but stylish”, declaring that there is a version available “for homes of all sizes”. And all but the biggest of the Proflo Dux hot water systems can be bought for under $1000.

But what else is there to love about Proflo Dux hot water? Your trusted local Gold Coast plumber will take you to a deeper dive by looking at 4 key features:

1. An ideal replacement

Why is Dux a great option if all you’re looking to do is replace an old electric unit? It’s not just because there’s a Proflo in almost every size imaginable, but also because these units deliver water at full mains pressure. And the icing on the cake is that Dux has conveniently put a water connection on both sides of the tank.

2. All the sizes!

Are you looking for the right hot water system size for your home? Then worry no more! As mentioned above, there is definitely a Proflo size that will suit your home’s needs. There’s the teeny-tiny 25L unit that will squeeze into a cupboard (perfect for under sink hot water installation), a special narrow diameter version for tight outdoor spaces, a 400L whopper that is suitable even for a household of 11 people, and six other sizes as well. That’s a lot of Duxes!

3. A larger anode

Another cool feature of the Proflo series is that these units feature a larger-than-usual anode. If that doesn’t sound too exciting, consider this: the presence of a hot water anode extracts the minerals and impurities from the water that would otherwise rust and corrode the tank. So a larger anode means more corrosion resistance – and longer life.

4. Y-class enamel

Finally, yet another key feature that may not initially sound too exciting is the use of Class Y enamel for the lining of the tank. So what? Well, many non-Dux hot water systems only feature domestic-grade Class X enamel, while Class Y is a commercial grade enamel that is considerably more durable. Combined with the bigger anode, the brand is therefore confident about putting a 10-year Dux hot water warranty on the Proflo range.

Let Gold Coast Plumbing Experts turn on your Dux hot water

All in all, Dux hot water really is an Aussie success story, having started as a small family business in the midst of World War I and steadily growing into the industry giant and iconic name that we see today. And the really great news is that the Gold Coast Plumbing Experts team can install, repair and service your Dux electric hot water system with guaranteed workmanship, fixed pricing – and a free plumbing inspection while we’re at your place. What’s not to love about that?

So if you’re in the market for a new electric storage hot water system like the Proflo, or something else in the impressive Dux range or another of our hand-picked brands, why not give the friendly hot water plumbing team at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts a call today?