Plumber Gold Coast: We Are Hiring!

Something that goes together so well aesthetically is your dream home and nearby beautiful trees. However, your plumbing pipes, sewer system and drains may think otherwise. Why? We’ve never met a thirsty tree root that didn’t have plans to invade your pipes if they got even half the opportunity. And tree roots in pipes are a significant problem.

All that tree root needs is a crack in a pipe that only a newborn baby’s hair could squeeze through, and the invasion has begun. Lapping up the dark, moist and delicious environment, the tree roots thrive and ultimately fill into a giant mass that can block and even destroy your pipes – with a big mess and even bigger bills and disruption left behind.

Therefore, it’s probably wise to know what to look for if you suspect tree roots in sewer or plumbing pipes might be an issue at your place.

Roots in pipes? Keep your eye out for:

1. Slow-draining sinks

As those tree roots in pipes grow and establish themselves, they form a blockage you’ll notice on the user’s end. Perhaps the earliest sign of a tree root blockage is a sink or bathtub that becomes ever slower and slower to drain fully over time.

2. Gurgling drains

As #1 develops, your drains are likely to start making distinct gurgling sounds as your water and waste try to find a way through a partly obstructed pathway. This effect spreads through nearby drains, so you can notice it when running a tap, pulling the plug out of the sink, or flushing the toilet.

3. Backed-up toilet

As mentioned above, the toilet is an excellent place to look for signs of tree roots in drains. That’s because if your waste is encountering a growing root mass as it tries to make its way down, the result could be that some of it has nowhere to go except to stay where it is already. Tree roots in pipes could cause blockage in your toilet, thus making your toilet not flush all the way.

4. Gross smells

Let’s face it: the plumbing carnage caused by misbehaving tree roots … stinks. If you could get your nose deep into your plumbing system, you’d instantly smell that foul drain funk. But if that smell becomes trapped due to a tree root obstruction, it will do what it can to find its way up and out of your drains … and into your nose.

5. Sinkholes

If a sinkhole has just formed in your lawn, grab that phone and dial your favourite Gold Coast blocked drain plumber right now – because we’d bet a lot of money the culprit is a severe tree root incursion. Once those underground pipes become seriously damaged and even collapse, the water saturates the soil around the problem area, and eventually, your garden says ‘no more’.

6. Green patch

An earlier sign of the dreaded sinkhole is a green patch in your lawn. Alternatively, you might spot an exceptionally healthy, vibrant and fast-growing tree – and if it’s got a noticeably guilty look about it, this could very well be the tree causing all the trouble. Naughty tree!

How to clear roots from drain pipes

If your tree root problem isn’t extremely severe, a daily dose of copper sulphate down the drain could steadily eat away at the obstruction by killing those roots. Just bear in mind that it can take weeks of patience to get the results you’re hoping for – and if your drain unblocking hack doesn’t work, your problem could be entering critical territory by then. Should you have just given your friendly plumber a call in the first place?

Indeed, plumbers use high-tech gear like CCTV drain inspection cameras to locate the problem area with precision and sophisticated methods aided by powerful augers, ultra-high pressure jet rodders, and no-dig pipe relining to put it right. Gold Coast Plumbing Experts also have extensive experience with pipe, drain & sewer line problems of every type and severity – and every fix is always bundled with a great price, guaranteed artistry and a smile.

Don’t let those pesky tree roots get you down; call a local Gold Coast plumber near you today.