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If scrubbing the bathroom is one of your most hated tasks, a small bathroom might be appealing. But that confined and awkward space can also be a bit of a nuisance, especially if there’s no room for your preferred bath, shower or vanity layout, storage problems, a lack of natural light, and more. But with just the correct list of small bathroom ideas, you can still squeeze in the features you want and achieve a bright, happy and easy-to-maintain space that feels both cosy and spacious.

How’s it done? The simple, small bathroom ideas that work the best all come from the professionals who’ve managed to achieve them time and time again. With the large number of apartments on the Gold Coast, small bathroom ideas and trends are the subject of many conversations. At Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, our bathroom plumbing specialists have seen, devised and worked on some of the best small bathroom designs in the region – and now we’d love to share our knowledge and experience with you.

1. Wall-mounted Taps

When it comes to the tiny bathroom ideas, every centimetre counts. Mounting the taps directly to the wall is an easy way to reclaim more space.

Better still, this type of tap looks striking, modern and clear whilst perfectly utilising wall space that otherwise does not do very much at all. Although replacing standard taps with wall mount options may seem challenging, our experienced plumbers across the Gold Coast can come quickly and look sensational!

2. Combined Shower & Bath

Need the shower but still love a hot soak – but no room for a separate tub? Therefore, the apparent small bathroom design is a combined shower and bath – but all too often, it looks and feels all too cheap and nasty.

The answer can be simple, like some trendy, eye-popping tiles that draw attention elsewhere. A modern, minimalist solution that’s done to perfection can add to the overall cohesive feeling of a small bathroom. You’ll hardly notice the shower if combined with a grand freestanding bath. Just be sure to consider bathtub sizes before making your final decision.

3. Recessed Shower Shelving

Not enough physical space within the dimensions of those four bathroom walls? One of the most excellent small bathroom ideas is to create more physical space with recessed shower shelving.

It’s neat, superb and brilliantly integrated, and you can even make this space-saving and storage-creating small bathroom design look a million dollars with something like feature lighting. Throw away the ugly shower cavity and ask your bathroom renovation specialist about taking a chunk out of the wall.

4. Bright & Light

Without changing anything except the colour and creating a way for natural light to flood in, a tiny space can instantly feel much bigger. Combine bright whites with a light wood floor and a big skylight,t and your brain will feel like a bit of the vast outdoors has crept into your tiny bathroom.

On the other hand, the exact opposite can be true – double down on the confined space with very dark colouring,g and your bathroom can take on the feel of the vast expanses of outer space.

Small Bathroom Bonus Tips

  • Use mirrors to enhance the feeling of space
  • Install a narrow vanity unit and wall-mounted shelving
  • Don’t forget about ventilation and exhaust fans to prevent mould
  • consider installing underfloor heating
  • Choose a finish for your tapware and fixtures to suit your style (think bronze, black, gold)
  • Slash your water bill with a water-saving showerhead
  • Installing in-wall toilet cistern for more space-saving
  • Consider the advantages of a rimless toilet

Ask Us About Our Favourite Small Bathroom Ideas

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