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Bathrooms are prone to mould because of the perfect condition of sometimes dark, wet or damp. It can get in all kinds of places, the grouting, on the tiles, bathtubs, wood, sinks, carpets, showers, walls, toilets and more. Most often the reason for it is that there is no ventilation or it is not working properly. Other causes of bathroom mould are leaking pipes, toilets or sinks. Here is a look at how to spot it, how to prevent it and what to do to get rid of it!

Finding mould and its impact on your health

If you think you can smell it but it is not obvious take a look in hidden areas. Behind doors, under sinks, in crawlspaces, in the exhaust fan, on shower curtains, in showerheads, and so on. It is common for mould to start in more hidden locations where it is darker and then spread to other places in the room. It spreads through the spores it releases. Bathroom mould should be dealt with as soon as you find it to prevent it from spreading and doing more damage. Mould is also a risk to your health and anyone else in the home. Mould in the bathroom might cause:

  • Respiratory problems especially in those who are sensitive to mould or who already have breathing problems like asthma
  • Mild to severe rashes to the skin
  • Lung infections
  • Coughing
  • Irritated red eyes
  • Hives
  • Asthma attacks
  • Over time chronic exposure might turn from just a sensitivity to an outright allergy

How to prevent mould in the bathroom

There are several things a person can do to help prevent mould and they include:

  1. Having a ventilation fan in the bathroom is very important especially if you have no window, but even if you do. Remember to turn it on when you bathe or shower helps let the damp air out. Leave it on during the shower and for another 30 minutes after. You can also leave windows open if it is safe to do so and not too cold. If you do not have one you can have a professional install it for you.
  2. Have dehumidifiers or air conditioning to keep the humidity down. You want them to be under 50%.
  3. When you buy your shower screen or curtain make sure it is resistant to mildew, open it fully at the end of the shower and leave it so the water dries properly. You can then close it when it is dry the next time you are in there. Clean it regularly.
  4. If you have any bathroom rugs or carpeting make sure you frequently wash them. All towels and rugs should be hung in a dry ventilated area when they are damp to help prevent mould in the bathroom.
  5. Make sure you clean your bathroom regularly and include the hard out of sight places more often.
  6. Give your tiles or cubicle a quick swipe with a squeegee or an old towel to remove some of the water.
  7. Rather than using a perfumed spray to get rid of the mouldy smell clean and sanitise instead, including rugs and curtains.
  8. In certain places make sure gloss paint is used as this is a harder surface for mould to grow on.

How to get rid of bathroom mould when you find it

If you do find or smell mould you should act straight away to get rid of it. Some of the things you can do are;

  1. Strip out and re-do any sealant or grout that has mould growing on it.
  2. Use mould-killing products when cleaning such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, bleach. Just do not mix them as that could be toxic. Soap and water are not enough. Use protective gloves in case the harsh product is not good for your skin.
  3. When cleaning open windows, doors and turn on the ventilation to help dry it out.
  4. Usually, the best approach is to kill the mould first then clean it to remove it to prevent spores from spreading. Wetting the area also helps to keep the spores from getting into the air.
  5. Keep pets and children away when using certain sprays and cleaners.
  6. Call in a plumber and have a water leak detection service if you suspect a leak is the cause of the mould, until the cause is dealt with it will keep coming back. Taking care of your plumbing is one of the best ways on how to prevent and get rid of mould in the bathroom.

Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we also value the health of our dear locals. That is why we put much emphasis on the importance of regular routine plumbing inspections and proper maintenance. We also invest in the latest plumbing technologies not only to resolve the issue efficiently but to protect you and your family’s welfare.

Wondering how to get rid of mould for good? Give your bathroom plumbing a clean bill of health by calling our friendly and professional Gold Coast plumbers today.