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How big is your bath – and how big would you like it to be? The standard bath length in Australia is just 170cm – about 6cm shy of the average Australian human being! With bathroom size often limited, however, this standard bathtub size Australia wide – at about 70cm wide and 38cm deep – is definitely enough to accommodate a single person who likes to have the option of an occasional bath. But what about the rest of us? Are there other bathtub sizes you should know about?

We know you have a lot of questions about your options when it comes to bath sizes, and most of them can be answered this way: do an internet search for ‘massive bathtubs’, and you’ll find some that may be better described as a lap pool!

We understand that you probably just want the perfect bath dimension for your particular bathroom space, and our trusted Gold Coast plumbers can definitely help you out with that:

1. Why should you even have a bath?

Apart from the fact that a soak is so soothing for body and soul, even if you’re not going to use one, not being able to offer a ‘full’ bathroom will definitely hurt when it comes to your home’s resale value.

2. Why not just put a huge one in?

Sure, a squeezy bath is definitely no fun and can leave you with the feeling that you’re soaking in a sodden coffin. But even if you can afford a mammoth one, squeeze it into a space that can only just accommodate it will make you feel grand whilst soaking – and incredibly cramped when you’re doing literally anything else in the bathroom. In actual fact, if you’re not going to use it often (or at all), you can even get a bath size that is smaller than average.

3. How small is a ‘bigger bath’?

If you are above average height, or the thought of squeezing in with your partner or bathing your kids at the same time sounds good, opting for something bigger-than-standard-but-not-huge is a good idea. It will mean submerging those legs for the tall person and widening the usage potential generally – and we’re only talking about a 10-15cm difference in terms of length and a corresponding difference for the depth and width. Call it a ‘standard plus’ size.

4. How about freestanding?

We know many of you have had it on your minds – What about freestanding? Indeed, almost no one hates the idea of a grand freestanding bath, full of character, separated from the crammed, wall-surrounded bath alcoves. But it will only really work if you really do have the space to considerably separate the bath from the walls – and then you’ll discover the vast and wonderful range of freestanding bath sizes, shapes, styles and more.

Gold Coast’s bathroom renovation experts can help

At the end of the day, whether you’re happy with a generic bath to be pragmatic, you just want to stretch out those long legs, or if you fancy making the bathtub a true centrepiece of your dream home, the sky really is the limit when it comes to bathtub sizes and styles. If you’re looking to add a bath, upgrade to something bigger and better, or make it just a part of a more extensive bathroom renovation, the Gold Coast’s bathroom renovation plumbing specialists really can help. Not only that, we can also resolve any bathroom plumbing problems that may occur on your beloved spot.Get in touch with Gold Coast Plumbing Experts right now and ask about your options.