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A bathroom vanity is one of the hardest-working pieces of furniture in your entire home. How’s that? Because it’s not just a bathroom cabinet, providing somewhere to keep your toiletries and a mirror for brushing your hair in the morning. It’s an all-in-one ‘vanity’ that is completed with a sink – with all the cabinetry incorporated in an item of furniture that is likely to be the absolute centrepiece of your bathroom. In today’s piece, as you look towards your next bathroom renovations, we’re going to take a quick look into how to install bathroom vanity plumbing.

But first, a warning: only fully-licensed Queensland plumbers are permitted to do just about all kinds of plumbing work across the state. If you’re a keen do-it-yourself enthusiast, you unfortunately can’t do much more in your bathroom apart from replacing a tap washer, shower head, or a toilet float.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be in the driver’s seat of the vanity design! Start by having a think about:

The size

The size of your bathroom will limit how grand your vanity can be. If it’s on the smaller size, consider a lower-profile vanity that will both save space and give the impression of a larger room.

The use

Whether it’s the main bathroom, an ensuite, a second bathroom for the kids or guests or a truly luxurious powder room for your grand ‘dream home’, your bathroom vanity plans will be vastly different. How the bathroom is used will dictate the precise balance to be struck between practicality and luxury, with regards to storage capacity and maintenance.

The sink

The biggest question to answer will be: one or two sinks? If the answer is ‘two’, browse for vanities in the 1500mm+ width category, enabling extra counter space and the prevention of the dreaded ‘clashing elbows’ phenomenon!

The material

You might think wood is the most attractive material for your furniture, but it may not mix with the water and humidity of your bathroom. A better idea might be a special bathroom-friendly composite material, which will resist scratches and last a long time.

Hopefully, we’ve given your bathroom vanity plans a good kick-start! But as you may have touched down on this page on the promise of learning how to install a bathroom vanity, we’re happy to oblige – just remember to at least check with local authorities or your friendly licensed plumber before attempting any work.

Step 1 – Get your tools

Yes, you’ll need a few, including all the regular carpentry and cabinetry gear, as well as drills, shims and tape measures.

Step 2 – Prepare

Another step to do before actually starting to install bathroom vanity cabinetry to your plumbing is to turn the mains water off and make sure the pipes to the bathroom are empty before proceeding.

Step 3 – Find the studs

For proper fixing to the wall, you’ll need to locate a wall stud – which you can do quite easily with an electronic stud finder tool. Mark the stud you’ll need and ensure the vanity is level against the wall.

Step 4 – Secure the vanity

Screw the vanity into the wall with reference to your located wall stud. With that done, you’re ready to seal the countertop and complete the process with all the relevant plumbing fixtures.

Final step – Install bathroom vanity plumbing

Now it’s a matter of connecting all the existing plumbing pipes to your new vanity, which has hopefully been made easy by selecting a piece that is relatively compatible with your previous vanity.

Once done, it’s just a matter of turning the mains back on and checking for correct operation – especially the lack of leaks!

Install bathroom vanity plumbing with our help!

If you need to get your bathroom plumbing installed for your new vanity from scratch, however, you’ll definitely need a great local plumber Gold Coast can depend on, so give Gold Coast Plumbing Experts a shout today! We take great pride in helping to match our clients’ expectations and preferences to the finished product, so have a good think about what you want from your new bathroom vanity before giving us a call.

Need help with installing bathroom vanity plumbing? Gold Coast Plumbing Experts have seen and done it all throughout the entire region – from Arundel to Worongary, Oxenford to Broadbeach Waters and far beyond. Give us a shout today!