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Close your eyes and think of a tap. You thought about turning a handle and watching the water come out into your glass, didn’t you? Well, think a little harder, because there isn’t just a single type of tap to consider. In fact, the various types of taps on the market is really quite impressive … and confusing.

If you’re really looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, you will soon need to get your head around all those different types of taps – and which one is right for your needs and home.

So in this post our Gold Coast plumbers run through the most common of the various tap types out there, as we help you get the most out of your next kitchen or bathroom refresh or renovation:

1. The pillar tap

pillar types of types

This is one of the types of tap that is the most traditional and still among the most versatile and common. Think of those standard ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ taps, and you’re thinking of the pillar type of tap.

2. The mixer tap

mixer types of taps

The next tap type we are going to talk about is the mixer tap, which is increasingly common in the modern or renovated home today. The mixer tap types are basically a single tap that can have two handles – one for the hot water and one for the cold. It’s similar to a pillar tap, except its all-in-one, with the water type you choose coming from one nozzle.

3. The monobloc tap

monobloc tap

Image Source: UK Bathrooms

You may not have heard the name, but a monobloc is actually very similar to the mixer types of taps described above. The hot and the cold water is similarly mixed inside the tap, but there is only one handle. Normally, you will turn it towards the left for hotter water, and to the right for colder.

4. The washer tap type

compression tap

Otherwise known as compression washer taps, this is among the types of tap that you can do a bit of DIY-ing with when changing a tap washer. We’re talking about a pillar tap that operates with a twisting handle – with the washer inside controlling the amount of water that comes out.

5. The disc type of taps

disc types of taps

You will find the disc tap type in a monobloc style, with the mechanism working not with a traditional washer but with ceramic discs with holes that let the water through when the handle is aligned properly. You may recognise a disc type of tap because it is very easy to turn on full.

6. The ball tap types

ball taps

As for the ball tap, this is also a simple monobloc tap type but this time with a round shape – because it contains what is effectively a hollow ball. When the ball is moved by the user-operated handle, this controls the mix of the hot and cold water and how quickly it comes out. These types of taps are renowned for easy control, but they commonly leak.

7. The cartridge tap type

cartridge taps

The cartridge tap combines features of many of the different types of taps, with the main feature being an internal cartridge that controls the release of the water. When it moves left and right, the temperature is controlled, and up and down regulates the strength of the flow.

Struggling to choose your tap?

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