Plumber Gold Coast: We Are Hiring!

A day will hardly pass without a Gold Coast homeowner contending with a household plumbing problem and the resulting inconvenience. From fundamental issues like a blocked toilet to a burst pipe and other significant problems, no one is totally safe from the menace of plumbing issues.

Fortunately, most Aussie plumbing issues are DIY tasks that can be fixed within a short period. To make this easier, we have highlighted some of these problems and their respective fixes.

1. Blocked Drains

The first signs of a blocked drain are slow-draining sink or a sink not draining at all. These indicate a blocked pipe caused by the accumulation of dirt. It is either that the bathtub is blocked by hair or the sink by a block of oil, grease and food particles. Whichever way, you need to remove the obstruction by unblocking your drains.

Start by using a plunger to break up the obstruction. Alternatively, apply some grease-removing agent or a homemade solution to dissolve the dirt. A more advanced move is the use of a drain snake – a tool long enough to reach the deepest parts of the drains and get the obstruction out.

If any of these techniques do not cut it, simply invite a blocked drains specialist to clear the most stubborn of blockages.

2. A Blocked Toilet

This plumbing problem is not limited to the Gold Coast or Australia alone; almost every household in every part of the world experiences it. It is a result of a blockage in the pipe. The fix is usually straightforward – grab a plunger and dislodge the blockage. However, if you find the blockage keeps coming back it’s time to call in a plumber for toilet repairs.

3. Hot Water Problems

Here is a slightly complex plumbing problem, compared to the others. Water heaters tend to underperform over time, leading to various issues. Some hot water system problems may include:

  • Odd noises like rumbling, whining or popping
  • Low hot water pressure
  • No hot water at all
  • Some hot water but not enough
  • A bad odour like rotten eggs
  • Rusty leaking water
  • Hot water system leaking

If the problems are persistent, you may consider a hot water system replacement.

Alternatively, you may be able to fix the hot water system. In this case, you will need the services of a local Gold Coast plumber. Undertaking a hot water system fix as a DIY is dangerous for a novice. Your trusted Gold Coast plumber, on the other hand, is experienced and well-trained to offer adequate hot water system solutions.

These professionals will also proffer expert recommendations on suitable models in the event of a replacement. Lastly, attempting a DIY on your hot water heaters could void the manufacturer’s warranty, in addition to putting you at various health risks.

4. Leaky Fixtures

Leaky fixtures are the culprits if you see water flowing into the toilet bowl, or you hear constant drips from the tap. Either way, it is a disaster waiting to happen, except you address it immediately.

With the right tools, you can repair a leaky fixture in a short period. The washer is most times, the source of the problem. You will need to remove the damaged washer and put a matching replacement in place. Check out this guide on how to replace a tap washer.

If the problem is originating from the toilet, the causes are somewhat numerous, although they all can be contained quickly.

You only need to discover the faulty part of the system, which is usually the cause of the leak and replace as appropriate. This will stop the leaks.

5. Weak Water Pressure

The chief cause of weak water pressure is the accumulation of calcium in the showerhead or the tap. The fix here is simple. Detach the showerhead and soak in a de-scaling solution for a while. This removes lime and calcium. In the case of taps, you will need to remove the calcium from the aerator. So, detach the aerator, clean it, and return it into place.

In Conclusion…

The five plumbing problems above are some of the most common Gold Coast plumbing issues out there. The discussion so far clearly shows that they are easy to fix, although you may require professional help in some cases.

Whenever you feel that the problem is somewhat too complicated for you to handle, contact an experienced local plumber. For emergency plumbing in Reedy Creek, Surfers Paradise, RobinaMermaid Beach, Upper Coomera, Southport or any Gold Coast suburb you can depend on us! We will assess the situation and fix it in the best time possible to get your home plumbing running smoothly again.