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How closely have you looked at your toilet, recently? If it’s relatively new, you might have observed that it looks quite a bit different from the toilets that we all sat on in years past. One of the reasons for that is that you could be one of the lucky people who use a rimless toilet. It may seem like a minor difference, but it’s actually revolutionary. And here’s how:

A rimless Australian toilet is:

  • Easier to clean
  • More hygienic
  • More efficient
  • Features a superior flush

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you should seriously consider switching to rimless, which is available in all the major toilet brands.

No idea what a rimless toilet even is? Well, just because the design is revolutionary, doesn’t mean the change needs to seem enormous at first glance. Indeed, the only thing you’ll really notice is that the top of the inner pan no longer features a rim – hence the ‘rimless’ name.

No rim = no big deal? That’s where you’d be wrong because earlier toilet designers came up with the rim feature so that you get a tidy, efficient flush. Basically, when you hit that flush button, the water rushes out of the cistern tank from underneath that rim, disposing of the waste without it splashing all over the place.

Innovative designers of rimless toilet technology, however, discovered that by evolving the flushing mechanism itself, the rim could be dispensed with altogether. It’s what the major Australian toilet brands call ‘direct flushing’ – which basically means that the water is swirled around the pan more deliberately, effectively and efficiently. Amazing, right? And what’s more, is that 40% of residential toilet installations are now rimless – making the switch to rimless the more obvious option.

Already convinced about rimless? Keen to make the switch but need some killer arguments to convince the other half to ‘take a sit on the wild side’ with a new rimless toilet? Here are some points from your trusted local Gold Coast plumbers:

1. They look great

Does sleek, ultra-modern technology always look great to you? Don’t take our word for it, simply pull up an image of a rimless toilet and compare it to a traditional ‘rim’ toilet. We rest our case.

2. Better hygiene

But let’s face it: the most important thing isn’t how your toilet looks – it’s how efficiently it does what it does. So if toilet technology means the disposal of human waste just became more hygienic, why wouldn’t you jump aboard?

The main hygienic benefit is not just the advanced flush, it’s the fact that the least clean part of your toilet is always under the rim. Bingo!

3. Easy to clean

Indeed: Who on earth loves getting stuck in with a thorough scrub under the toilet bowl rim? It’s always the hardest and least enjoyable part – but getting rid of the rim just make cleaning the toilet an awful lot more fun. Or less torturous, anyway!

4. Better flush

A traditional flush needs the rim, simply because all that water rushing out the cistern is not exactly the most controlled process you can think of. But the way the flush works on a rimless toilet – efficiently and effectively distributing the water around the entire pan – is the only reason the rim could be dispensed with. And the bonus is that each flush is extremely effective. No more ‘double flushing’ for you! Woohoo!

If you’re ready to go rimless, an exciting world of sleek, ultra-modern designs awaits you. And the best news? It may be the latest and greatest thing, but there’s a rimless toilet out there for your price-point.

Gold Coast Plumbing Experts will help you go rimless

Are you still struggling to convince your other half to leap on the rimless train? Perhaps speaking with a true toilet plumbing expert will help – and there’s no local plumber who has fixed, serviced and installed as many toilets as the guys at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. Get in touch today for great advice and every plumbing service imaginable.