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It’s finite, crucial for all life on earth, the world’s most valuable precious resource – and the costs are only going up as time goes on. We’re talking about water, and as the most intelligent creatures on our beautiful planet, it’s our responsibility to conserve and protect it. So before taking a dive into the world of the water saving shower head, here’s the great news – there are a million ways to start saving water at home right now:

While those three listed above are easy to do, there’s one water-saving method that really is ‘set and forget’ – water saving shower heads. How’s that? Well, given that up to a quarter more of your household’s water expenses can be linked directly to showers, it’s the obvious place to start.

However, we’re often told something along these lines: “We tried an eco shower head some time ago and it made me dread my pathetic shower every day. I’d rather just pay more for a full-on relaxing soak under a normal showerhead, thanks very much!”

We hear you – because we also had an awful water saving shower head and vowed ‘never again’. But have you tried a modern aerated shower head?

In the past, the run-of-the-mill water saving shower head was what we now call the cheap, awful, ‘non-aerated’ version – a normal showerhead but with tiny holes that feel like pins and needles on your skin but hardly wet you.

With the aerated shower head, the water is cleverly combined with air that is sucked in by special ducts that aerate the water and leave you with the impression that it’s the totally normal, perfectly enjoyable shower that you’re used to. It means the shower experience is still as good as it ever was – but you’re helping your community and planet whilst simultaneously slashing your overall household water usage by as much as 45 percent!

Count the benefits of a smart & modern water efficient shower head:

1. Water

Obviously, they save water – the world’s most precious resource.

2. Water bills

Multiple studies have recorded the per-household benefit of using an eco shower head in every bathroom as somewhere between a 40 and 50 percent reduction in water usage. And that’s something you’ll definitely notice every time your local water supplier sends you a bill.

3. Energy bills

What heats your water? It’s the also-expensive electricity and gas – and because it’s being asked to heat significantly less water over the same shower duration, you’ll notice these bills shrink as well.

4. CO2 emissions

The knock-on effect of significantly reduced energy usage is a corresponding drop to your carbon footprint, which in these times is something we should all feel the responsibility to do.

Maximise your eco shower head with Gold Coast’s best

And do you know another big benefit of a water saving shower head? How about a very long shower or a full-to-the-brim bath every now and then … guilt free! Just make sure to get professional, experienced and fully-licensed Gold Coast plumbers to ensure your installation is done correctly the first time, and you’ll be all set to reap every last drip of benefits from your new water saving shower heads.

At Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, our trusted bathroom plumbers will do it for you whilst guaranteeing a fair fixed price, same-day service, and a lifetime workmanship warranty. Give us a call today!