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It’s been a long day at work or play, and all you want to do is get into the bathroom and have a long soak in the bath or a soothingly hot shower. But what do you discover when you open the door? A flooded bathroom.

First, don’t get too despondent – because if you live long enough, it’ll happen to all of us. But all that water all over the place is alarming enough to stop worrying and simply stop the flooding – and get back on with life.

If you just want to skip to the heart of the matter – what to do about your flooded bathroom – then feel free. But for those with less of an emergency on their hands, let’s pause for a moment to think about what has gone wrong:

What on earth has caused your flooded bathroom?

  • Drain/pipe blockage: Back those pipes and up badly enough, and the water or waste needs somewhere to go eventually and you will end up with messy blocked drains.
  • Malfunction: Whether the toilet is running, a pipe has burst or it’s something else entirely, a plumber will need to take a deeper look to see what’s gone wrong.
  • Carelessness: Could it be your fault? Did you just leave the plug in, your headphones in, and the result was a devastating overflowing bath?

No matter what’s caused your flooded bathroom, you can’t leave it like that, can you? If you’ve got serious standing water, it will eventually start seeping through the floor. But your walls, cabinets and other rooms are also at risk – and bathroom mould and mildew and serious structural damage are just around the corner.

So stop everything and follow these 7 steps right now!:

1. Turn it off!

If water is still running, get it stopped – and turning off the mains is a safe place to start. If it’s a single source, though, switching off the individual shut-off valve may suffice.

2. Stay safe

Now that the water has stopped flowing uncontrollably, it’s not time to relax. Where there’s water and electricity, you simply cannot take a chance. So consider turning off the affected circuit – or your power altogether. With that done, go about unplugging any wet or damp appliances and putting them outside to dry.

3. Fix the problem

If the cause of the issue is obvious like a sink overflowing, simply turn off the taps. For anything more serious such as hidden water leaks or burst pipes, it’s best to leave it to your local Gold Coast plumber.

4. Take some photos

By this point, you’ve probably started to think about your insurance. Get a jump on this important topic by documenting the entire situation with photos before you start any clean-up or repairs.

5. Clean up

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just about water damage – but the risk of unhealthy mould, mildew and other nasties. You may need some specialist cleaning or repairs are done for floor & wall damage, but just remember that as well as getting rid of the water, you’ll also want to clean & disinfect well. Remember, the best way to mop up serious standing water is with towels or a wet vac.

6. Dry up

With the serious standing water out of the way, remember – damp is not good enough. That water and waste have gone everywhere, so the best remedy for that is not to let it fester but instead use fans and open windows.

7. Repair the damage

If the bathroom flooding has damaged the walls, floors and installations, they may require patching or complete replacement. Ignoring water-damaged plasterboard or wood framing will just lead to bigger damage and breeding-grounds for unhealthy mould.

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