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As the mercury starts to drop, a soothing and searing hot bath or shower is exactly what the doctor has ordered after many a long and grimy day. But when you need that soak the most, that tends to be when you discover your shower or bath drain blocked to the point at which the water just won’t go down.

Sometimes, you can actually sense a blocked bath or shower before it actually happens:

If it’s damp floors or walls that alert you to a potential drain blockage, you could be in real trouble – because the drain may actually have collapsed or become badly damaged. In that case, to avoid irreversible damage to your home and property – and a major headache and massive clean-up bill – you should probably dial the number for the local plumbers at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts right now!

But with a little bit of luck, you might even be able to keep that towel around your waist and not abandon your bath or shower plans just yet. Just like unblocking a sink drain, learning how to unblock a bath drain or shower all by yourself is simple – if you try it our way:

Step 1. Get your gear

You probably already have rubber gloves, a plunger, a wire coat hanger, and some baking soda, white vinegar and bleach – right? If not, pop out and grab them, and while you’re at it add a DIY drain snake to your shopping list.

Step 2. Put on your gloves

Next up, protect yourself from chemical splashes and potential bacteria-infected water by pulling on your rubber gloves. The really safety-minded among you will also protect your eyes.

Step 3. Find the blockage

In many cases, your blocked bath or shower drain is simply caused by a build-up of fairly harmless gunk and debris including hair, skin and soap. It might also be an object, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to pull some or all of it out of the drain with your fingers. To get a little deeper, unfurl a wire coat hanger and do some fishing with that.

Step 4. Try the plunger

The next thing to try is the plunger, as long as it’s suitably sized to create a good seal over the entire drain opening.

HOT TIP: Soak the rubber in hot water for a couple of minutes to soften it and create more suction.

Step 5. Try the drain snake

This is a bit like the wire coat hanger – but specifically designed for purpose. It’s a coiled-up auger that snakes its way deep into your drain to chew through a stubborn blockage – just make sure you don’t damage the pipe while using a drain snake.

Step 6. Try a baking soda + white vinegar recipe

When you add baking soda with white vinegar, you get a fizzy concoction that is notorious for eating away at those chunks of drain debris. Simply boil the bottle, pour it down the train, throw in a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and let it fizz away for a while. Next, pour in a cup of vinegar, refill the kettle and have a cup of tea, and then pour the rest of the boiling water down the drain.

Step 7. Try bleach

Make sure those gloves and glasses are still on because if you’re still finding your shower or bath drain blocked, let’s get the bleach out. It’s a harsh chemical so be very careful, and only pour small amounts down at any one time before flushing with hot water and letting it sit for minutes at a time.

Still got the towel around your waist and still wondering how to unblock a bath drain? Unfortunately, shower and bath drain blockages are sometimes very stubborn, hard to locate and reach, or caused by pipe damage, poor plumbing, or another more fundamental issue. If you think that might be the case, there’s still no reason to panic – because our experienced and friendly Gold Coast blocked drain plumbers are always standing by to assist. We offer same-day service, upfront pricing and a workmanship guarantee, so get in touch today – and get back in that steaming hot bath ASAP!