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When you think about plumbing problems, it’s understandable if your mind naturally turns to blocked toilets, burst pipes, and dodgy hot water systems. But don’t forget that your stormwater drains – as well as those gutters and downpipes, of course – are also a crucial part of your overall plumbing system. It’s all there to manage the flow of water running off your roof and property, and why? Not just the effective management of your stormwater to keep things dry, neat and tidy, but to protect your family’s health and safety, and prevent your home, assets and investments from being devastated by water damage.

Do you suspect:

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why the potential for water damage from storms – but also from other plumbing and household problems – should never be ignored. You should keep regular tabs on the condition of your roof, trim overhanging tree branches, and clean out your downpipes, gutters, and stormwater drain entrances. Because if your stormwater system struggles to cope for too long, the damage can be a lot worse than you think:

  • Damage to your walls, ceilings & floor
  • Damage to your floor coverings, furniture & household items
  • Garden & landscaping damage
  • Land erosion
  • Devastating damage to your home’s foundation through penetration beneath the ground surface.

You might also give thought to the potential for water backflow – which is when the direction of your mains water is reversed, and dangerous contamination of the water you consume with waste and sewage may occur. To prevent this, you should consider a backflow prevention device, especially as an issue can so often be related to pipe damage and leaks.

But to prevent storm water damage to homes like yours, it’s important to understand the typical causes – especially as your stormwater drainage system is designed specifically to prevent it.

1. Blocked drain, drain pit, gutters or downpipes

As well as effectively managing your stormwater, what all the above also have in common is that they stop working when they’re blocked. In most cases, the culprits are storm and rain debris including mud, leaves, sticks and the like, so consider checking or adding some debris filters or guards.

2. Bad installation or repairs

Even if your maintenance schedule is up-to-date, your stormwater drain and related infrastructure could have been badly or incorrectly installed or repaired. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for plumbers to discover that other contractors have engineered a problem into the system.

3. Tree roots

Particularly if the affected drain or pipe is near the garden, intruding tree roots can very often be the problem. Remember, those roots just love extracting water from wherever they can find it – and all they need is a tiny crack to wiggle their way into the pipe and eventually blocking it.

4. Damaged/degraded pipes

Pipes are great, but don’t forget that they are human-made – which means they’re not going to last forever. Unfortunately, pipe deterioration, collapse and cracking are commonplace, particularly if those pipes have been down there for a long time. But even if they are new, there are a myriad of environmental causes that put extra stress and strain on those pipes & joints – not to mention damage by plants, animals and excavation.

Call the experts in water damage prevention

Are you worried about water damage at your place? Don’t be! Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, our services are not just fixing blocked toilets, sinks & showers – we ensure your entire plumbing and stormwater system is in tip-top shape from top to bottom. We’ve seen water damage Gold Coast wide costing home and business owners literally tens of thousands of dollars, so don’t be the next sodden victim, and instead call our local Gold Coast plumbers today!