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Has your shower gone stone cold? Are there warning lights blinking all over your gas hot water system? Do you no longer see a little flame where there was once a little flame? It sounds like your gas hot water pilot light has gone out.

The pilot-what? Luckily, the whole concept of pilot lights really is very easy for everyone to understand. It’s simply a little controlled flame that is designed to stay lit for when you’re ready to light up that gas to the main burner.

The great news is that if it’s simply gone out, the fix is not only super-simple but that there’s probably nothing seriously wrong with your expensive and otherwise trusty gas hot water system at all. The pilot light has probably just blown itself out like a child with their birthday cake.


But first, let’s just double-check that the remedy really is just a matter of learning how to relight a pilot light.

Check the control panel

Obviously, all gas hot water systems differ slightly, but you should be able to find the control or warning system panel. If the gas pilot light has gone out, you’ll get some sort of visible warning.

Look for the flame

If the warning light indicates a pilot light issue, let’s take a look at that little flame ourselves. It should be easy to spot through a gap at the bottom of the unit. If you can’t see it, it’s not there. Bingo!

Now that you’ve confirmed that your gas water heater pilot light has simply gone out, let’s try to re-fire it. Again, it’s not difficult at all:

How to light a pilot light on your water heater

Hot water systems that require a gas pilot light to operate are specifically designed to make the occasional need for re-lighting as easy as possible for the user.

If you can smell gas when approaching your hot water unit you may have a leak, in which case it’s best to call a plumber for peace of mind and have the unit serviced.

1. Find the access panel

You’ll need to remove it, which is done with a bit of common sense manipulation. With a bit of luck, how to relight the pilot light will be written right there.

2. Turn off the gas

Next, you’ll need to turn off the supply of gas to your hot water system. This is normally done by turning the gas control knob as far as it can go in a clockwise direction.

3. Wait a little while

To be on the safe side, why don’t you head inside for a coffee? By the time you’re finished, any redundant gas will have harmlessly escaped from the system – and you can proceed.

4. Turn the knob to ‘pilot’

Turn the gas control knob to the ‘pilot’ position, which will be marked with the word pilot or an appropriate symbol.

5. Spark the pilot light

Push down on the knob – and be patient, as you may need to hold it in this position for up to 30-40 seconds to be successful. Now, whilst still pressing on the knob, press the pilot ignition button as many times as is necessary. Once you see that the pilot is on, keep holding the control knob for up to another 30 seconds or so.

6. Let go of the knob

Step away from your gas hot water system – is the pilot light still on? If yes, pat yourself on the back – because now you know how to light a pilot light on just about any gas hot water system. If it didn’t work, simply try again.

Think the pilot light might not be the problem? Here’s further information on troubleshooting instant gas hot water systems.

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