10 Ways Of Knowing Your hot Water System May Need Attention

10 Ways Of Knowing Your hot Water System May Need Attention

It’s a fact of life that for most people their hot water system is pretty much taken for granted until such time that it isn’t working and indeed there’s nothing worse than diving into the shower first thing in the morning only to find that you have no hot water.

We thought that we’d use this blog to give our readers a few tips to help them look out for signs that their hot water system may need a service inspection. Prevention is always better than cure and by recognising these simple signs, you can address your hot water problems sooner than later, and avoid any nasty surprises.

Many homeowners neglect to regularly service their hot water system, only calling on their local plumber in the event of an emergency. However, simply by having their system inspected on a regular basis, not only will it confirm that it is working efficiently and performing at its optimum level, but it will also extend its working life by being more efficient, meaning that any repair work can be carried out before a crisis occurs.

10 signs your hot water system need attention:

  1. The water flowing from your taps is rusty brown in colour
  2. The water has sediment in it and looks muddy
  3. There are strange popping and crackling noises coming from the hot water system
  4. The pilot light has gone out yet again, and this happens regularly
  5. The hot water tastes metallic and has a strange smell
  6. You seem to be getting less hot water
  7. Water is leaking out of the system
  8. The water temperature often fluctuates
  9. The level of water pressure isn’t constant
  10. You often run right out of hot water

At Gold Coast Plumbing Experts we encourage our customers to put in place regular service checks which will save them money in the long run. What’s more we can tailor a plan to their particular budget and circumstances.

A regular service can spot minor problems before they lead to your system failing completely. Some of the problems that we uncover during service checks include temperature settings which are set too high, therefore increasing the running costs; and excessive water pressure, which puts additional stress on the cylinder and reduces the system’s life. Other common problems include

  • incorrect gas pressure settings
  • blocked filters and shower restrictors
  • blocked strainers which cause issues with the flow rate
  • leaking valves
  • power outages
  • faulty thermocouples

To maintain your hot water system, the two most important considerations are the sacrificial anode and the temperature and pressure release valve or TPR for short.  The sacrificial anode is what prevents your hot water tank from rusting and as a rule of thumb should be replaced every 5 years. It’s too dangerous a job for a homeowner to attempt themselves so they should always call a plumber. The TPRs maintain pressure and prevent your heater from exploding, and again is a job best carried out by your plumber.

If your hot water heating system hasn’t been serviced for a while then you could be looking at replacing it sooner than you would like. Why not call Gold Coast Plumbing Experts to arrange for an inspection, if only for your own peace of mind. Getting in touch is easy by calling us direct on 1300 600 632 or filling in our contact form.

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