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If you ask the experts what the big movers of the hot water system market are, the answer is fairly simple: the gas instantaneous water heater. The reasons for that are also quite straightforward. While the sleekness of the units, the efficiency of a tankless system, and the flexibility of using cheaper-than-electricity natural gas or LPG are quite obvious, the benefits of continuous flow just keep on coming:

  • Hot water without a huge electricity bill
  • Never run out of water
  • Heat only the water you’re using
  • Install it pretty much anywhere
  • Waste less water
  • Technology with double the typical lifespan.

Convinced yet? You can also add affordability and reliability to that list of benefits, but like everything else made by us human beings, it’s important to note that even great, forward-looking technology is not immune to problems. So what are the main instant gas hot water system problems, how serious are they, and what can you do about them?

Let’s explore 5 questions for easy instant gas heater problem troubleshooting:

1. Why is my system not working properly?

If you can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong, except that your system is definitely not working as well as it used to, the first thing to check for is a gas leak.

If you’re really worried about being around a potential faulty gas appliance, call your gas plumber immediately. But to at least eliminate a dangerous leak, remove the system’s cover if necessary and see if you can obviously smell gas. If you do, turn off the gas supply and call a plumber.

2. Why is my pilot light going out?

If your system isn’t connected to the power but instead relies on a pilot light, it can be frustrating if it keeps going out.

One potential cause is the thermocouple – otherwise known as the safety probe that triggers a shutdown when it stops detecting the presence of the pilot flame. It could also be the thermostat, or even a minor blockage in the pipe supplying the gas.

3. Why am I being shown an error/fault code?

Many instant gas hot water system problems with modern units are helpfully diagnosed with error/fault codes which are displayed on the system itself.

Your unit’s safety is ensured with a series of sensors that constantly monitor operations, including imperfect combustion, ignition or flame failure, overheating, faulty switches, faulty components, safety system failures, temperature/water volume control failures – and many, many more.

Matching your error code with the problem is invaluable information for your local plumber and/or manufacturer to work with.

4. Why does the temperature go up and down?

Your gas instantaneous water heater is obviously designed to run at a stable, determined, safe temperature.

If it’s going up and down, a very common cause is not the unit itself, but the flow of supplied water. Certain flow restrictors and water-saving taps are known to interrupt the operations of tankless systems, but luckily a plumber experienced with gas hot water systems can quite easily deal with your hot water flow rate.

However, if the unit is to blame, it’s probably a problem with the thermostat or diaphragm.

5. Why is the hot water pressure so low?

If your cold taps are just as woefully low in pressure, then you can rule out the hot water system.

But if the low hot water pressure is just your gas instant hot water system, it’s probably a blockage in the cold inlet strainer valve. What the strainer does is filter the mains water before it enters your system, but luckily it’s quite straightforward to replace.

Still having instant gas hot water system problems?

However, in many cases, the problem is either that your unit is not appropriate to keep up with your lifestyle or home, or your hot water system’s lifespan has seen its final days and that it’s time to shop around for a new one for that reason. Luckily, as the popularity of instant gas hot water systems has gone up, so too has the variety of options and features to suit every home and budget – and Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are right here to help you get the perfect one for you up and running.

So whether it’s a quick fix or a new unit you need, don’t let a bit of gas heater troubleshooting get you down. For all your hot water repair needs, get in touch with the experts, the Gold Coast Plumbing Experts!