Plumber Gold Coast: We Are Hiring!

We’ve all experienced it – after a long day at work, or a particularly sweaty workout, you crank the shower on only to be met with a feeble trickle of hot water. Low hot water pressure is among the most common and also the most annoying of those everyday plumbing problems – so what on earth can be done?

A quick call to our hot water system experts on the Gold Coast will fix it! But just before you pick up the phone, let’s run down the 6 most common things that might have gone wrong:

1. Your pipes are blocked

When that flow of hot water gurgles to a trickle, many people look immediately at their hot water system. But the culprit could actually be your pipes.

The worst possible case is that they are broken or leaking, but the more likely scenario is that debris or sediment has simply backed up the flow of water somewhere along the line.

2. Check the tap

If your low hot water pressure is evident only at one particular fixture, tap or outlet, that’s probably exactly where the problem is. If it’s a showerhead, that could need a clean-out or even replacing, and the same goes for an offending tap. Leaks could also cause low water pressure and it might be due to an old and deteriorating washer. If it is, here are 10 simple steps on how to change a tap washer.

3. Hot water system sediment

Another common hot water problem is a build-up over time of sediment in your hot water system tank, which will mean the low hot water pressure is similarly bad all throughout the hot outlets in your home.

The good news is that a great plumber can flush your hot water system for you quite affordably, no problem.

But if your hot water system, pipes and fixtures are all new, it’s always possible that your hot water plumbing wasn’t done properly in the first place.

Believe it or not, one common problem is that a dodgy plumber could have used the wrong pipe sizes to connect the system to your house, which would definitely explain a low hot water pressure problem.

5. Closed valve

With a bit of luck, though, you could just be suffering from a very simple problem indeed – a partially closed valve on your hot water unit.

If only your hot water pressure is affected and the cold water pressure is fine, head to your hot water system and check if all the valves are fully open. Fingers crossed for an easy fix!

6. Blocked filter

Another common hot water system problem is a blocked filter on your unit. Check these on both the input and the output, and if they’re looking particularly dirty, give them a clean and don’t worry too much – a blocked filter just means they’ve done their job well.

But if you’re worried about fiddling around with your hot water system, play it safe and call in the hot water experts!

If low hot water pressure has gotten you down, cheer up! Gold Coast Plumbing Experts will get you back under a steaming hot shower before you know it. We can fix most low hot water pressure problems in just a single visit, and we’re even on call 24/7 for those really messy plumbing moments. Call us today on 1300 600 632.