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Even if it’s all working beautifully, never forget about those all-important domestic hot water systems, which make your morning shower, your evening bath, and your after-dinner dishes possible.

When it comes time for a new hot water system installation, it’s a good time to think about whether the type of hot water system you have should be replaced or something different installed.

You definitely need a reliable hot water system – but which one? We’re not just talking about matching a system to your lifestyle, family and home size and budget, but the various and distinct types of hot water systems. No idea? Need a helpful guide to the most common and popular types of hot water systems? Our Gold Coast plumbers have got you covered:

1. Electric storage

If you’re an Australian adult, your hot water system comparisons will always begin with the most traditional and common: storage-based electric hot water tank units. In the simplest terms, it’s a bit like your plug-in kettle: cold water goes in, an electric element heats it up, and then the water is kept hot and delivered when you need it.

The good:

  • Technology you’re familiar with
  • Low up-front cost
  • Versatile tank sizes for all families

Bear in mind:

  • Rising electricity prices
  • ‘Greener’ alternatives
  • Delays when your tank is empty or the power is out.

2. Gas storage

When you compare hot water systems that are the most commonly deployed around Australia, the next most popular are also based on tank storage technology – but powered by gas. And as mains gas becomes more widespread, and bottled gas is a common solution where mains is not available, the benefits of gas hot water systems are obvious.

The good:

  • Faster to heat and re-heat
  • Capable of efficiently heating large tank sizes
  • Slightly more affordable running costs
  • Still works in a power outage

Bear in mind:

  • Slightly higher upfront cost
  • Risks of using gas.

3. Instant hot water

While #1 and #2 feature a tank that holds the hot water, #3 does not! By far the most popular of the newer types of hot water systems are instantaneous or ‘continuous flow’ technology. Small and sleek, these systems heat the water instantly – as soon as you turn on the hot tap. Better still, you can get one fuelled by electricity or by gas.

The good:

  • Hot water on demand
  • Never run out of hot water
  • Pay only for the heated water you use
  • More energy efficient
  • Longer life – no tank corrosion or leaks
  • Can be fitted inside or out
  • Lower water contamination risk

Bear in mind:

  • Higher upfront price
  • Less effective when using multiple hot water outlets

4. Solar hot water

In doing our hot water system comparisons, it’s crucial to note that while all the domestic hot water systems technology listed above require ready-made energy, solar gets it straight from the free source – the sun! Perfect for the climate change-minded, subject to various government subsidy schemes, and extremely cost-effective if you can afford the upfront cost, it’s well worth considering ‘going solar’ with a Gold Coast solar hot water installation.

The good:

  • Reduce or even eliminate long-term running costs
  • Government subsidies/rebates
  • High efficiency

Bear in mind:

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Roof space needed
  • More complex installation
  • Reliance on consistent sunshine or energy storage.

5. Heat pump

A good ‘halfway house’ between the more conventional types of hot water systems Australia-wide and fully ‘green’ technology like solar is heat pump hot water. Think of the way a fridge works … in reverse! Basically, this ingenious technology takes energy out of the air outside and turns it into heat, with the water then stored in a tank.

The good:

  • More energy-efficient than conventional systems
  • Requires less power to operate
  • Low running cost

Bear in mind:

  • Higher unit cost
  • Proper ventilation necessary
  • Some operating noise.

Ask Gold Coast’s hot water expert for help

So as you compare hot water systems and make your choice, what’s the verdict of the experts? Well, it all depends on your usage, your family and home size, the energy sources available to you, and budgetary considerations, and also personal preference. So who’s best to ask? How about one of the most prolific repairers and installers of all the various types of hot water systems – Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. We guide you on hot water system sizes and types, hot water plumbing and technology, and we can supply and install one of the very best hot water brands at your place in a flash. Get your decision spot-on by giving our friendly team a shout today.