Plumber Gold Coast: We Are Hiring!

Is there anything more annoying than a dripping tap? Yes, there is: Even bigger bills and thousands of litres of wasted water in a country that seems to always be in drought.

But it’s even worse than that. A leaking tap might seem like a minor problem, but it can also:

  • Stress your plumbing system
  • Cause clogs, overflowing and staining
  • Deteriorate caulk and grout
  • Cause water hammer
  • Damage your valuable home.

Luckily, the fix might be incredibly simple – especially if you follow our 10 super-simple steps for changing a tap washer.

It’s true that almost all of the plumbing work around your home or small business will require you to hire a great local plumber like the guys at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. But you can replace tap washers with a bit of old-fashioned DIY know-how.

How to change a tap washer in 10 super simple steps:

1. What’s up?

Many a leaking tap is only leaking because the simple act of changing a tap washer has become long overdue. But if the dripping tap in question is a washer-less one, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts will still need to bail you out.

2. Are you confident?

But if you really are dealing with a worn or broken tap washer, a handy DIY enthusiast won’t have too much of a difficult time. However, make sure you really are confident about getting stuck in, because you might just make a huge mess and drive up an even bigger repair bill.

3. Grab your tools

Get out your toolbox, and pull out your shifter, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers and high-quality tape. If you don’t have them, changing tap washers will be very difficult!

4. Turn off the water

Before messing about with that leaking tap, don’t forget to locate your mains – and then turn it off! And if you’re dealing with a hot water tap, you’ll need to turn the supply off at the hot water system as well.

5. Empty the tap

But even after turning off the mains, there may still be water in the pipes that can cause a big mess once you start to change a tap washer. So open up that pesky tap and let the remaining water run out. If the water keeps flowing, go back to the mains because it’s not all the way off!

6. Remove the handle

You know the part of the tap you grab to turn the tap on and off? Take it off! How to do this depends on the type of tap, but it could be as easy as removing the button on top and unscrewing the handle. Once removed, you’ll need a spanner to get the bonnet and headgear off, exposing the tap washer.

7. Remove the washer

In some cases, you’ll be able to clearly see if the tap washer is broken or split, but it may just be worn – which is harder to spot. Either way, remove the old washer.

8. Go for a trip to the hardware store

And while you’re grabbing your wallet, car keys and sunglasses, grab the old washer too and put it in your pocket!

9. Put it all back together

Making sure you buy the right replacement washer, put the tap back together in reverse order of the steps above. Then, make sure the tap is turning all the way off – because you’re about to turn the mains back on and you might just have done something wrong and very messy.

10. Put the kettle on

After testing your good-as-new tap, fill up the kettle and pat yourself on the back when you notice that leaking tap is now definitely fixed. Congratulations!

But as we said at the top, if you find yourself out of your depth at any point (and hopefully not up to your knees in gushing water on the kitchen floor), remember the Gold Coast Plumbing Experts can fix leaking taps or replace tapware and refresh you fittings today.

When you need help with plumbing in Varsity Lakes, Mudgeeraba, Merrimac, Mermaid Waters, Burleigh Waters, Miami or somewhere else on the Gold Coast we can be there in a jiffy. Get in touch today and say goodbye to your plumbing problems!