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Did you know that if you added up every second you will spend at or on the toilet in your life, it will work out at an astonishing two years? It’s no wonder you’re in the mood to upgrade your home’s throne. But we didn’t say it would be easy. For instance, how much do you know about correctly measuring a toilet rough in?

“Wait just a minute: a toilet WHAT?” We’re glad you asked because not knowing how to measure a toilet rough in is probably the most common mistake any bathroom renovation newbie is likely to make. And it could render the perfect toilet you’ve just bought completely useless for your space.

First things first: What’s a toilet rough in, anyway?

It may seem simple to plonk a toilet where you want it in your bathroom space, and – quite honestly – it is something that a handy DIYer should be able to handle. But without measuring the toilet rough in, it just won’t work at all.

So don’t forget that your bathroom has a lot of plumbing beneath the obvious surface, like hot and cold water supply lines, pipes and drains and sewer lines. Your rough in measurements will be key to preparing all of this plumbing for the incoming bathroom fixture – including your brand-new toilet.

Without confusing you much more with a technical description of what a toilet rough in is specifically, let our Gold Coast plumbers give you a run-through on how to measure a toilet rough in with a simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Create a map

The map you’ll be drawing is a layout of your bathroom space and all of that aforementioned plumbing. That will help you determine the toilet rough in – the physical location of the water outlet beneath the toilet. The rough in measurement is simply the distance from the centre of that outlet to the wall behind it. Get it wrong, and your toilet just won’t fit.

Step 2. Know the standard rough in

Most plumbers will tell you that the standard rough in distance is between 140 and 165mm for a toilet installation. If yours is more than that, your toilet choices become more limited.

Step 3. Measuring your toilet rough in

But now for the most important step – measuring the toilet rough in measurement that is specific to your bathroom and new toilet. Luckily, it’s easy – it’s just a matter of measuring the distance from the wall to the dead-centre of the chosen outlet/discharge. Get it spot on, and your toilet will fit in its new space like a glove.

Step 4. Don’t get it wrong!

A really important thing to bear in mind is that you should NOT be including the skirting board in your measurement calculations – because that will be the few millimetres that ensure your toilet will not fit by the barest of margins.

Can Gold Coast’s trusted plumbing experts help?

It’s as simple as that! But now you know all about measuring a toilet rough in … would you like some professional help with your Gold Coast toilet installation or repair? At Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we won’t just put your new toilet in, we’ll handle your bathroom renovations from start to finish. All you’ll need to do is supply the rubber ducky – so get in touch with our friendly experts today.