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Have you ever stopped to consider what your favourite room at home is? Love to tinker in the garage? Chill out in the lounge? Play pool in the rumpus room? Peaceful snooze in bed? Actually, more and more people are admitting that they’re most in love with their bathroom. It’s where you kick off the day, and where you end it. It’s where you get inspiration whilst laying back in the bath or soaking under the shower. Lock the door and finally get some peace – and so, so, so much more! But if you’re as much in love with your bathroom as we are, here’s the bad news – no other room is more susceptible to little (and large) problems. In fact, bathroom plumbing problems are enough to turn that steamy refuge into just another daily headache.

So when they pop up, as they inevitably will, it’s good to know that even particularly annoying, disruptive and even messy and damaging bathroom plumbing problems always have a solution. Let’s dig a little deeper:

1. When your sewer drain smells

It’s hard to focus on your bathroom haven if the drains absolutely stink. Worse still, that smell is an indication of the presence of certain bacterial nasties that are not just foul, but bad for you.

The problem: That familiar stench is caused by a build-up of organic gunk like skin and hair, and other stuff including soap, greasy liquids and anything else that’s found its way down there and accumulated. It may also have attracted smelly drain flies, or tree roots have caused a blockage that explains the backed-up toilet, gurgling noises and even the worrying sign of raw sewage.

The solution: Boiling water is often enough to start eating away at those drain smells, perhaps in combination with baking soda & vinegar. Try the plunger, use a drain snake – or call your blocked drain plumber and ask about powerful drain cleaning tools like water jetters.

2. When the toilet’s not flushing

The easiest way to ruin those couple of quiet, peaceful chapters of your favourite novel is by pushing the button at the end and noticing the toilet is not flushing. It’s not only irritating, but also potentially extremely embarrassing.

The problem: In many cases, it’s probably the flapper – the seal for the valve that is in charge of the release of water from the cistern into the bowl.

The solution: The flapper could be worn, it may have become unconnected from the button mechanism, or it may just have come un-seated – so give it a little jiggle. If you now hear the tank filling itself up, problem solved. If not, fill up a bucket and pour it into the bowl to at least get rid of the current waste. And then call a toilet plumber.

3. What to do with a leaking toilet

Suffering with a leaking shower? You’re in luck, because 9 times out of 10, the culprit is simply the showerhead itself. A leaking toilet, on the other hand, is a much bigger problem. And unfortunately, leaking water from underneath a toilet is actually quite common – and the damage can be serious.

The problem: A leaking toilet from the base is probably a seal or gasket failure – because it needs to be totally watertight. But it might be something else like a leaking toilet cistern.

The solution: Mop up the puddle and wait a while – is the toilet leaking from the base, or from somewhere else? If it’s from the base, a simple tightening of the bolts may restore that watertight seal. If not, the next step is to remove the toilet altogether for closer inspection, and that’s something you may just want to let your licensed plumber do.

4. Do you have low hot water pressure?

Nothing spoils a lovely hot shower more than if the water pressure is down to a trickle (a.k.a. low hot water pressure). The first thing to do is to compare the pressure with the cold taps – because they should be roughly the same. If not, read on.

The problem: Honestly, there are a lot of little things that might have gone wrong. Hot water tends to cause more deposits of minerals and pipe scaling, but it might also be a problem with your hot water system. Or the shutoff valve. Or mismatched pipe diameters. Or a pressure regulator. Or a blockage. Or a failing fixture.

The solution: With a lot of potential causes, finding the right solution can be difficult. The absolute first step is to see if it’s a problem with one hot fixture or all of them, but we’ll be honest: in almost all cases, DIY just won’t do, because a proper diagnosis and fix is so much more easily done with the help of a hot water plumber.

We have your back for all bathroom plumbing problems!

But here’s the really bad news: that’s not nearly the end of those common bathroom plumbing problems. There are leaky pipes to tackle, clogged drains to battle, dripping taps to deal with – and more. And when problems strike, it’s good to know there’s a truly caring local Gold Coast plumbing company around the corner that you can always trust for fast, guaranteed workmanship at a great price – and that’s us right here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. Keep your bathroom your favourite space at home by giving us a shout every time there’s trouble.