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Does the red, white, green and blue AquaMAX logo look familiar? It may not be one of the instantly-recognisable big brands, but you may just have noticed more and more AquaMAX hot water systems sitting around, doing their thing all over the Gold Coast and beyond. And there’s a very good reason for that – they’ve actually been hanging around the Australian domestic market for well over three decades now.

If we’ve already got your attention, feel free to hold that pose for just a little longer as our local Gold Coast plumbers give you a run down through some great reasons to get one in our AquaMAX hot water system review:

1. The location

To so many Australians, supporting Aussie companies is a priority. Well, you’re in luck: Every AquaMAX system is put together from scratch in Moorabbin, Victoria – and the tally of AquaMAX hot water systems is now well over half a million. Better still, they employ more than 100 of our countrymen and women.

2. The manufacturing process

However, so many Aussie companies actually outsource the design of the machines, equipment and components off-shore – but not AquaMAX. That’s right: almost everything that goes into making an AquaMAX system is designed in-house, with its very own research and development team that is focused on innovation and efficiency.

3. The industry leadership

It’s just a fact that, in a crowded marketplace, it tends to be the massive, instantly-familiar brands that set the standards, with the smaller guys following in the wheel-tracks. Again, that’s not the case with AquaMAX – and the perfect example is the AquaMAX electric hot water system in the popular Vitreous Enamel range. Industry experts agree that when it comes to electric hot water systems, its award-winning AquaMAX that is setting the standard – and the Stainless Steel range was even more successful (and a massive 27% more efficient than Australian performance standards).

4. True innovation

If the AquaMAX electric hot water system facts above impressed you, here’s another doozy – the gas-powered range! In a nutshell, here’s the buzz: AquaMAX won’t put a gas hot water system on the market unless its energy rating scores at least the highest 5-Star credential. Coupled with a Stainless Steel cylinder, you pretty much can’t buy a better gas hot water system for a lower price.

5. Key partnerships

If you’re a modest, Melbourne-based hot water system manufacturer, who are you going to sell to? Answer: the Aussie market leader. Who’s that? It’s Rheem, who acquired AquaMAX in 2009. Since then, distribution has absolutely soared – which is why you’re seeing so many AquaMAX hot water systems all over the Gold Coast.

6. Product specialisation

But even though on ‘team Rheem’ now, AquaMAX remains steadfastly committed to what it does best rather than expanding into every single aspect of the Australian hot water system market. Namely, all they do is produce brilliant, Australian-made electric and gas tank storage systems. It’s that commitment that enabled the company to become the first-ever Aussie company to put a 5-Star energy-rated system on the market with a whopping 10-year warranty. Not bad, right?

Ask Gold Coast Plumbing Experts about an AquaMAX!

You can probably tell that from our AquaMAX hot water system review that, right here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we’re quite big fans of this cool little company. If you want to know more, including how quickly we can install a hot water system at your place with a great price and guaranteed workmanship, we are standing by to take your call. We can’t wait!