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Is your drain all clogged up? Do you have absolutely no idea how to unblock it? You’re not alone. Unblocking drains is one of the most common call-outs for any plumber, and it’s always a joy to see the faces of homeowners just like you when we are able to drop a great bit of blocked drain DIY advice that can then be used over and over again in the future!

But first, we need to tell you how to prevent drain blockages! All too often, we’re asked how to unblock a drain, only to discover that someone has been flushing barbie dolls, tea towels or household paint down the drain. And that can not only cause damage, but you might also find yourself ankle-deep in a stinky and unhealthy mess that leaves you with a big bill.

So here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we’d love to help you out. How to fix a blocked drain? Follow along with our 6 easy tips that could save the day:

1. Grab the kettle

No, you don’t deserve that cuppa yet! Rather, flick the switch and pour the boiling contents down the drain. It’s an easy, chemical-free solution that really can unblock drains in less than a minute!

2. Now grab the baking soda

The kettle didn’t do the trick? Let’s go to Phase 2, and pour half a cup of baking soda down there too. If you’ve got some vinegar handy, treat your drains like fish and chips and try that as well.

3. Time for the plunger

If our magical ‘unblocking drains recipe’ didn’t work, we’re very sorry – you’ll have to use some elbow grease. Every functioning household should have a $10 plunger in the cupboard, and all you need to know is that you need to create a great seal. Now it’s time to work those muscles.

4. Welcome to the drain snake

Things are getting real if we’re recommending the drain snake, but don’t worry – it’s not much more expensive than a plunger, but it’s easy to use and very powerful when it comes to unclogging all the gunk that caused all this blocked drain DIY.

5. Dare to confront the U-bend

If ‘confront the U-bend’ sounds way too tricky for your DIY skills and confidence, it’s time to skip to Tip #6! But if you’re feeling adventurous and have a blocked sink drain, you may be able to remove the U-bend under the sink, give it one hell of a clean-out, and stick it back on.

6. Give us a call!

In many cases, the 5 easy-to-moderately-easy DIY tips listed above will restore your drain to functionality. But in some cases, you really can come across a particularly stubbornly blocked drain. However, fear not – because Gold Coast blocked drains are no match for our plumbing experts! Get in touch if you need help to unblock a drain that just won’t cooperate. Good luck!