Plumber Gold Coast: We Are Hiring!

Question: What’s the most common plumbing problem requiring the professional support of a great local Gold Coast plumber? Dripping taps, maybe? Burst pipes? Broken hot water systems? While they’re all common, there is something that plumbers hear even more often when someone just like you gives them a call: “My drains are blocked!” And in a jiffy, a plumber can be at your place with every tool used to unclog drains under the sun.

Yes, calling a plumber saves you time and it’s usually not too expensive, but fully-licensed plumbers also have vast experience, specialised know-how, and years of experience in clearing drains of all sorts. And remember: blocked drains may sound simple, but unblocking them can actually be anything but easy.

If you’re like most people, you may take a shot at clearing a drain yourself with the most common household drain cleaning tools, such as:

  • A plunger: With a bit of elbow grease and a strong seal, all you need to do is break a mild sweat and that drain can be cleared.
  • A home brew: Pouring boiling water into a drain, mixing it with baking soda and vinegar, or using a special caustic drain-clearing product can also work to clear a minor blockage.
  • Rubber gloves: Protect your hands and go fishing, because reaching into a drain to pull out a solid blockage can be all it takes.
  • Drain snake: For a few bucks at the hardware store, you can buy a mini-version of the plumber’s drain snake – otherwise known as a wire coil auger. It’s an effective drain cleaning tool that you wind into your pipe to break up a blockage that’s out of sight.

Unfortunately, not all blockages are bothered in the slightest by these home remedies – which is why there is such a competitive market for highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable Gold Coast blocked drain plumbers. Any great plumber worth their salt also has some serious drain unblocking tools in their arsenal.

Which professional drain pipe cleaner tools are we talking about? Here are 4 of the best at restoring your pipes and drains to their vital function, all carried by our local Gold Coast plumbers:

1. Plumber’s drain snake

We told you about the DIY drain snake above – but now let us tell you about the real shebang – the heavy-duty plumber’s drain auger used by the best in the business. While the hardware store version is hand-cranked, the really serious ones have a powerful motor – and there are even different models specially designed for sinks, toilets, sewer lines and other specific drains & pipes, too.

2. Hydro jet

Have you ever cleared a PVC downpipe by sticking your garden hose in the top? Keep that in mind – and now imagine a hard-core version that blasts an incredibly powerful stream of water towards the most stubborn of blockage. Only a pro should be trusted with the sort of pressure the plumber’s jet rodding tool is capable of, but it’s highly effective and generally, the risk of pipe damage is lower than with a powerful drain snake.

3. CCTV drain cameras

Yes, plumbers are pretty amazing – but they don’t have superpowers. Some blockages, however, are so deep into a pipe that the naked eye has no chance whatsoever. The savviest and well-equipped plumbers, therefore, invest in state-of-the-art drain inspection camera that can locate a deeply-hidden blockage without requiring any devastating excavation.

4. No-dig pipe relining

A prolonged or serious blockage can mean damage to your pipes – and devastating leaks and damage. Sometimes, when a blockage is so deeply hidden, fixing or replacing it can mean digging up driveways or gardens – but the best plumbers offer innovative no-dig pipe relining technology services. It’s a highly sophisticated way to repair underground pipes with custom epoxy moulds and resin without ever requiring a shovel or excavation gear.

So remember: when the plunger and the baking soda didn’t work, great local plumbers like the guys at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are only ever a phone call away, with the most expensive, highly specialised and sophisticated drain blockage tools in their arsenal. Get in touch today!