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Did you just hear a ‘pop’ followed by a ‘hiss’ followed by a soggy, sinking feeling? Normally, it’s easy to identify when a water pipe has just gone bang at your place – particularly if you’re already ankle-deep. If that’s just happened, stop reading this right now and go and turn your water mains off – quickly! Second, call your favourite Gold Coast plumber (that’s us). And now, let’s look into why on earth burst water pipes happen at all.

causes of burst water pipes

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What causes burst water pipes?

1. Weak Pipes

If you’ve got an older home, or if you’ve ever experienced a plumbing emergency, you’ve probably got some idea of the loads that your pipes are subjected to on a daily basis. If unprotected, corroded or otherwise weakened over time, the pipes and their connections can go bang. Corrosion causes the pipes to slowly get thinner until finally bursting open at the weakest point due to pressure.

The solution: Regular maintenance and checks.

2. High Pressure

What forces are your pipes under? Pressure. Excessive water pressure can cause stress on your plumbing leading to leaks and burst pipes. If you hear banging from your pipes (known as a water hammer) this is a sure sign of high water pressure. It may mean that the water pressure from your supplier to your house is too high.

The solution: Pressure reducing valves

3. Blockages

Clogged and blocked pipes can cause a number of plumbing problems, but the take-home message is this: a pressure build-up of gunk, debris and even objects can damage, crack and – yes – even burst your water pipes.

The solution: Prevent blocked drains by watching what goes down the drain

4. Tree roots

You may be surprised to learn that an extremely common cause of burst water pipes is tree roots. Under the surface, a tree sends its roots out far and wide, and if a big enough one says hello to your water pipes, you could be in trouble.

The solution: Proper water pipe materials and the right tree location.

5. Freezing

In the winter months, water can freeze – even partially – in your pipes. And if you can remember those chemistry classes, you’ll recall that water in its solid form takes up more space than liquid H2O. The occasional outcome? Burst water pipes.

The solution: Appropriate insulation.

6. Bad installation

But sometimes, whoever laid your original plumbing may simply have done a terrible job. Maybe they rushed, used improper parts and tools or were inexperienced, or maybe they just made a mistake that no reputable plumber should make.

The solution: Always choose a great local Gold Coast plumber!


If one of your water pipes has just gone bang, the burst and leaking pipe repair experts at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are right here. But with a little luck, you may be able to avoid the nightmare scenario of all that popping, banging, hissing and ankle-deep flooding with all the right advice, check-ups and regular minor repairs and maintenance. Either way, give us a call today.