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It’s a nightmare scenario that we all know all too well. With your business done, you press that button and … the wretched toilet won’t flush. For most of us your cheeks turn bright red and your immediate thoughts are unpublishable. So if a gentle thump on the cistern or a quiet prayer didn’t work, let’s take a calm look at what might have gone wrong if you have a toilet not flushing properly on your hands.

Firstly, no need for embarrassment – you can pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl to flush it before deciding to call a local plumber or investigate yourself.

1. Start with the button

It’s unlikely you’ve simply forgotten how to flush a toilet. Whether it’s the button on the top or maybe you have an old fashioned chain or lever-flush toilet, it’s possible that the flush mechanism – whatever it is – is simply on the blink. If it doesn’t feel like it used to feel, you’ve almost certainly found the problem already.

2. Open the cistern lid

If the button seems fine and dandy and you’re still exclaiming in despair ‘My toilet won’t flush!’, the next most likely problem is that there’s something not quite right under that cistern lid. Figure out how yours comes off – it’s always relatively simple and logical – and cast your eyes on the innards within. If you’re familiar with what you’re looking at, ask yourself this: Does it all look ok? Is anything visibly broken, worn or dislodged?

3. Check the water level

If everything looks ok with the flushing mechanisms, but there is no water inside that cistern, you don’t just have a ‘toilet not flushing’ problem – you also have a ‘toilet not refilling’ issue. And for a successful flush, both are very necessary. Could something be up with your water supply to the bathroom or toilet? Can you spot any obvious leaks?

4. Toilet not flushing properly

Try that flush button again – does nothing happen at all, or is the flush simply weak or ineffective? If the latter is the case, shelve the idea that your toilet won’t flush, and consider this: could your toilet simply be blocked?

5. Unblock your toilet!

There are a few ways to skin a cat, but the most effective ways to quickly unblock a toilet are twofold: with a plunger, and with (ew) a pair of rubber gloves. The latter method can actually be very effective, as quite often an unhelpful member of the household has tried to flush something that should never have been flushed. Now you just need to be bold enough to fish it out.

Did you manage to isolate the problem with your toilet not flushing? If you are still no wiser than you were at the beginning this article, there’s still no reason to despair – because the toilet repair specialists at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts are here to help! If your toilet is not flushing, or even if it’s noisy, gurgly, leaky, running, overflowing, blocked, not filling, or something else entirely, rest assured we’ve seen the problem before and know exactly what to do. We can even install a brand-new toilet for you at a great price, so whether it’s a hellish emergency or you just need advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.