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It’s pretty simple: When you want a steaming hot shower or bath, you don’t have to cross your fingers and toes when you turn on that tap. Remember, The system you chose wasn’t cheap, but for that investment, you expect performance, reliability, and longevity. That could be precisely why you decided to ‘Install a Rheem’ – because it’s arguably the best-known and most trustworthy of hot water brands in Australia, with service dating back through the generations to 1939.

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Rheem hot water system troubleshooting – A guide

If you read our Rheem hot water system reviews – from gas & electric tank systems to continuous flow, heat pumps, solar and beyond – you’ll see they are known for reliability. But that doesn’t mean something might not eventually go wrong. When it does, it’s a good idea to have bookmarked a Rheem hot water system troubleshooting guide or two. Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, where we pride ourselves on having installed, repaired and serviced hundreds of Rheem units all over the region, we’re happy to play our part in helping to guide you through the mud when trouble strikes with your hot water system.

So we’ve done our homework, racked our brains, and recalled the questions we are asked about Rheem’s hot water system troubleshooting the most often. Remember, each hot water manufacturer will have different advice and guidance for their specific products, so the following questions and answers should be considered specific to your Rheem. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

1. Can I repair it myself?

No. Not only do you risk voiding the warranty, but you could also further damage your system and compromise its safe operations. Ensure you only use a licensed Gold Coast plumber to satisfy local requirements for mandatorily licensed plumbing works.

2. Should I do my maintenance?

Yes … and no. Rheem recommends that a licensed technician carries out a major service of your unit every six years, which would involve the replacement of certain valves, corrosion and connection checks, a full water heater flush, and more. Any replacement valves, though, do not come under Rheem’s warranty. There may be some minor maintenance you can do for yourself every six months, including operating the hot water tempering valve.

3. What if I see an error code?

Some Rheem units feature a display that will show fault codes when they arise. Here are some of the error codes your Rheem hot water unit may experience:


Error Code Fault Condition
03 Filter damage
05 Dirt in the System
11 Ignition Failure
12 Flame Failure
14 Thermo Switch Off (150⁰C)
Overheat Thermistor temp. too high
16 The system has exceeded safe temperature levels
22 Tip-Over switch operate
31 Fault in the water inlet temperature sensor
33 Overheat thermistor abnormal
62 Abnormal fan speed

Look up the entire directory of Rheem error codes on the website because those codes range from 1 to 99.

4. What if there is not enough (or no) hot water?

Before getting on the phone with your licensed plumber or Rheem, check the obvious things – like whether your power supply or gas is on. Also, check if the isolating switch has tripped, but it is possible that you’ve run out of hot water in your tank and either need to hit boost or wait until the morning. Another issue could be a faulty relief or expansion control valve causing too much water discharge or an incorrect thermostat setting.

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5. What if I see water leaking from the valve?

If the water is coming from the temperature pressure relief valve, don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal, especially in a heating cycle. However, if you’re losing more than a bucket’s worth of water per day, that’s a bigger problem that will require a callout. If the leak is from the tank itself, the entire unit may need replacing.

6. What if my bills are too high?

If you think hot water costs add too much to your bill and you aren’t using significantly more water than usual, the pressure valve might be faulty. Also possible is that your Rheem system is excellent, and there’s a problem elsewhere – like a leaking hot water pipe or leaking hot water tap. Also, check to see whether your energy retailer has increased its prices.

Troubleshoot your Rheem with our help!

Can’t see your specific troubleshooting question here? Feel free to check Rheem AU’s troubleshooting guide. We at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts also have your back. Rheem is an iconic name in hot water known for using robust materials and prioritising quality and durability, which is why we love to install them all over the region. But like every machine, trouble is likely to loom somewhere down the road – and that’s when we’ll have your back the most.

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