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When it’s heating your water, keeping your house cosy, and sizzling up your sausages, gas is awfully handy. But that should never lull you into a false sense of security about the need for gas safety – and the serious risks of a gas leak.

Gas leak – what to do?

But before we proceed any further, stop everything and consider this immediately – Are you experiencing a gas leak emergency right now?

  • Do you smell rotten eggs/cabbage/sulphur?
  • Can you smell hissing?
  • Has a gas leak detector gone off?
  • Can you see a misty, moving dust cloud?
  • Do you feel unwell?

If you think it’s even remotely possible that you’re in the midst of a gas leak emergency, assume the worst and do the following straight away:

  • Try to determine the origin of the leak
  • Turn off your gas supply
  • Turn off the power
  • Don’t use any devices
  • Open the windows and doors (if safe)
  • Get yourself and everyone else out of the house
  • Call a licenced gas fitter near you.

It’s also possible that you really are in a gas leak emergency, but the signs are just harder to spot – or the leak is minor and has been a problem for some time. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less dangerous, so also keep an eye, ear and nose out for:

  • Higher gas bills
  • Gas flames burning yellow/orange/red
  • Scorch marks/soot around gas appliances
  • Regular pilot light problems
  • Trees/plants that are dead or dying.

No matter the severity of the actual or potential gas leak, it’s crucial to take no chances whatsoever – because when bad things happen around gas, they tend to be very bad. It’s therefore so important to know who to call to get immediate attention and advice and to alert the correct authorities.

Gas leak – Who to call?

We’ve already mentioned that, unless the problem is particularly serious – say, in the event of fire, explosion or injury in which case you should dial 000 with no hesitation – your first call should be to a qualified and licensed emergency gasfitter with a 24 hour emergency plumber service.

Other useful ‘who to call’ advice:

  • Your local distributor
  • Dial before you dig – dial 1100
  • Gas leaks and emergency service – call 000

Is that all making sense? If not, let’s run through a quick 5-step process that should ensure your property, health and family are kept safe and sound even if you do find yourself dealing with an unexpected gas leak:

1. Turn it off

Remember to switch off the supply at the meter, the tank, cylinder and bottle, but only if it’s safe to do so. These include:

2. Ensure no flames

If you need to put out a fire, only attempt to do so if you feel confident and safe. Use a proper extinguisher or fire blanket.

3. Don’t start a fire

Make sure you don’t smoke, light a match, operate a switch or an electrical device – even a mobile phone within the vicinity of the problem.

4. Ventilate

Open the doors and windows to dissipate any collecting or trapped gas.

5. Keep people away

Remove all people (and pets if it’s safe to do so) from the affected area, and don’t let anyone else enter the property unless they’re authorised/trained to do so.

Trust Gold Coast’s best emergency gas plumber

As long as you know what to do, and you do it fast, even the prospect of a gas emergency shouldn’t keep you up at night. That’s especially true when you know you have the best Gold Coast plumber nearby, ready to attend – the friendly team at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts. No matter the urgent problem, and no matter the day of the week or time of the day (or night), we’ll be right there offering fast, guaranteed and friendly service.