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Do you have a Rinnai? If you do, you made a wise choice, because you’ve joined an enormous list of Australian homes that have been relying on Rinnai hot water for well over half a century. It may be a Japanese name, but Rinnai has no fewer than three world-class manufacturing facilities right here. There’s even a renowned R&D department that never stops working on traditional storage systems, solar hot water options, and the sleek continuous flow units that are among the most popular in Queensland.

But that doesn’t mean your system is not prone to the rare occurrence of Rinnai hot water system problems. When trouble strikes, it’s a major disruption to your daily life but also a major worry about how much it will cost to fix – and, worst of all, there’s always the possibility that it’s beyond repair.

It can be difficult to find a clear Rinnai hot water system troubleshooting guide, and the official versions listed in Rinnai documentation and manuals often leave the user scratching their head. That’s why our expert Gold Coast plumbers put together our exclusive guide to Rinnai hot water problems, answering some of the most likely questions you may have:

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Rinnai hot water system not working?

Q: Why is my water not instantly hot?

A: If all you’re noticing is a minor delay in the cold water becoming hot, that’s purely because the hot water already in your pipes may have cooled down since that hot tap was last put on. A greater distance between the tap and the hot water system will lengthen that slight delay.

Q: Why do I have no hot water at all?

A: It depends on the Rinnai technology type you have:

  • Instant: Your system may have lost power, a surge protector may have tripped, your gas may have run out, or an error code may be displayed.
  • Tank: Your Rinnai could simply be out of water, in which case you may need to wait 1-2 hours (or overnight) for more. For gas, the pilot light may have blown out which may need relighting, or stop valves may be closed.
  • All units: One of the most common problems across the range is a blocked inlet water filter.

Q: Why is the water not hot enough?

A: Again, this depends on what technology you’re using. On a continuous flow Rinnai, it could be as simple as an accidental press of the controller transfer button, while on tank units the tempering valve may be faulty.

Q: Why can I still hear the unit running?

A: Especially with instantaneous hot water systems, this is perfectly normal – and in fact crucial with gas units in order to safely clear the system of gas.

Q: Why am I seeing a code on the display?

A: Some Rinnai units will let you know when something’s not quite right and display a relevant error code. What your error code means depends on your Rinnai model, but many of the codes are shared across different products. Most of the time, you can pull up a list of the codes from the internet, check your manual, or get in touch with Rinnai or your installer.

Q: Why am I seeing white smoke?

A: If it’s cold outside, that’s still no cause for concern. You’re probably just seeing water vapour from the exhaust outlet, which is especially noticeable in winter.

Q: Why is the unit dripping?

A: You’re probably simply looking at the safety valve, which is designed to drip a little during a heating cycle. If the dripping in your hot water is constant, time to get in touch with a plumber.

Q: Why is my bill so high?

A: If your power or gas bills are suddenly through the roof, one possibility is an undetected water leak somewhere in your plumbing pipe network. Another possibility is that your unit may no longer be set for off-peak power tariffs.

Gold Coast’s hot water experts can fix your Rinnai

When it’s working a treat, you love your Rinnai. But when it’s not, there’s no reason to fret – even if the frequently asked questions above weren’t the help you were hoping for. Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we know Rinnai hot water heater problems inside-out – and how an urgent remedy, be it a quick repair or an affordable replacement, is an absolute must.

Don’t suffer for another moment under that cold showerhead, and instead, get one of our fully-stocked vans and qualified, experienced hot water plumbers at your place right away. Give the friendly team at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts a call today.