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It keeps your food fresh, your meat safely frozen and your beers perfectly chilled. But have you thought about getting a plumbed-in fridge?

If the idea of a plumbed in fridge-freezer sounds a little alien, think again about the last time you visited a home or browsed the large appliance store and noticed those whiz-bang new fridges with the ice and chilled/filtered water dispensers. That’s exactly what we’re talking about!

Those on-demand ice makers and chilled water dispensers are cool new features that may seem exciting, but put so many people off once they realise they need to look into fridge plumbing. Life’s hard enough without spending time and money on what is essentially an expensive luxury you can do without, right?

Well, the real problem isn’t that a plumbed fridge-freezer is hard to get set up and painfully costly – the problem is that all too many people think it’s a lot more difficult to achieve than it really is. So here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we want to demystify the rarely-answered question of how to plumb a fridge by answering what clients ask us about most often:

1. What is required for a plumbed fridge?

Basically, all you need is a separate and dedicated water line/connection just for your fridge. All your cool features need is a supply of water to function.

2. How is that water supply installed?

Apart from the supply line, all your installation will require is a couple of valves – one to turn the supply on and off on demand (an isolating valve), and a flood stop valve so that a failed connection doesn’t leave your floors under water. Your local plumber may also need to use a special connector for the water filter.

3. How much does it cost?

For most standard modern fridges requiring a plumbed connection, you’re looking at about the cost of a good pair of shoes to get it all done – a fraction on top of the fridge cost.

4. Can you do the fridge plumbing yourself?

If you’re tempted to save a few bucks by doing it yourself, think again and consider:

  • Will your insurer pay out for damage caused by water leaks in your home?
  • Will a botched DIY job void your warranty?
  • Will a non-plumbed fridge with a dispenser for stored water be better for you?

Also bear in mind that state plumbing regulations are particularly tight in Queensland regarding unlicensed plumbing work, with serious penalties in place for unlicensed work.

How to plumb a fridge with Gold Coast’s best

The good news is that everyone on our kitchen plumbing & renovation team here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts is not just fully licensed and insured, but backed by the best tools, years of hands-on experience and always offering lifetime workmanship guarantees. Best of all, you can have your perfectly plumbed-in fridge-freezer up and running within co-ee of taking delivery of your prized new appliance, simply by relying on the trusted specialists at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts.

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