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When it comes to your household and commercial plumbing, there actually isn’t a lot you’re allowed to do without the assistance of fully-licensed professionals. Of course, these rules are in place not only to ensure regulatory compliance, but they’re also there to protect your home and the health and safety of your family. That said, there are actually some things you really are allowed to do all by yourself – including learning how to change a shower head.

What other DIY can I do?

Have you just moved in to a new place and you despise the shower head? Or is your old favourite simply past its prime or in need of a trendy update? There are actually many, many reasons for wanting a shower head replacement:

  • Water pressure: If all you’re getting is a pathetic trickle, you can get shower heads that maximise your water pressure. On the other hand, high pressure can be countered with a low-flow head, which will save you plenty of water & money too.
  • Leaks: If it’s drip, drip, dripping all night, a seal or inner valve could be damaged and it must be the time for leaking shower repairs or replacing the showerhead or taps.
  • Features: Some modern showerheads include cool features like multiple spray patterns, water-saving features, multiple height settings and more.
  • Hand-held: Some people, especially the ageing and disabled, prefer a handheld shower head for greater control.
  • Blockages: Depending on the mineral and chemical content of your tap water, or simply the age of your old showerhead, sediment and other blockages are common.
  • Health: Did you know you can buy shower heads that give you a massage? Are you worried bacteria may have grown within your existing head that is exposing you to health risks?

Before we get into answering whether it is easy to change a shower head (spoiler alert: it is), we think it’s important to point out that there are other simply plumbing tasks Queensland authorities don’t mind if you ‘DIY’ as well. These include:

And, yes, changing a shower head is another plumbing task that is definitely on the ‘A-Ok’ list from the government and councils’ point of view. The only thing left to do is demonstrate just how easy it is to do – because this really is a job you might be dreading but it will be all done-and-dusted in minutes:

1. Grab your tools

Don’t worry, you should have them all in the shed, including an adjustable wrench, thread tape … and that’s just about it!

2. Remove showerhead

In most cases, this should be no more difficult than taking that spanner and turning the head anti-clockwise until it’s off.

3. Remove thread tape

You’ll probably find there is old thread tape on the thread, so tear that off along with the cover plate. Put the cover plate of your new shower head in its place.

4. Add new thread tape

When you put the new thread tape on, make sure you’re applying it in a clockwise manner. If it’s standard thickness tape, winding it around about 5 or 6 times should be enough.

5. Put on the new showerhead

It screws on clockwise – just make sure it’s not too tight! If you find it’s leaking when you test it out, another full turn should be enough.

Professional shower head replacement today

Yep – in most cases, it really is that easy to learn how to change a shower head. But if you’re having trouble with a more complex attachment, you don’t want to risk damaging your plumbing or expensive fitting or spare time is a major factor, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts can help! From a full plumbing overhaul to 3 am emergency plumbing call-outs to little jobs like this, we offer same-day service in most cases, upfront pricing and fully-guaranteed labour and workmanship.

Just want it done in a jiffy and right the first time? Call us, your local Gold Coast plumbers, and we’ll be at your place in a flash.