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Call it what you like – doorless shower, open showers, no glass shower, glassless shower, Roman shower, walk-in shower. It’s all the same thing, and it’s all ultra on-trend in 2022.

If you thought a door or a screen was simply compulsory for your next steamy shower, you’ve been living in the past – even though the open shower idea has actually been a thing for literally centuries. Well, doorless showers are back with a serious bang now – with that super-modern feel of today.

What is a doorless shower, anyway?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin – a shower without a door. Or a screen. Or any glass. Not even a curtain. As long as that open showering space is architecturally designed or planned to not need anything around it, it can work with just about any bathroom space – even yours.

Showers without doors:

  • Look great: You might find one in a $6,000 a night hotel or resort – because it looks and feels so darn glamorous. The atmosphere is airy, open and spacious, making you feel just for a moment that you’re living the life of a billionaire.
  • Spacious accessibility: No matter the age or the level of personal mobility, anybody can walk or roll into a glassless shower.
  • Easy to clean: An open shower space means there’s less to clean – and the parts that still do need cleaning are much easier to clean.

Ready to start designing your perfect doorless shower? It will be a lot easier if you know how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make with their open shower designs:

1. Yes, you DO have room

Has someone told you that a huge bathroom space is necessary for the best doorless shower ideas? That’s wrong: you can do it even if you have a small bathroom space. In fact, by removing all that shower infrastructure, you’ll end up with more space. And do you really need that tub?

2. Get the showerhead right

It’s not just that you can choose the wrong shower head for a shower with no shower door – you can put it in the wrong spot, too. The result can be a watery mess, so think carefully about how you position your showerhead relative to the walk-in section, and give a rain-like head a chance. You can also try using a water-saving shower head for your doorless shower.

3. Consider your privacy

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their doorless walk in shower ideas is that they don’t consider their privacy. Because who wants to just stand stark-naked in the middle of a room in an unlocked bathroom in a very busy household? So try to factor that in before construction begins.

4. Water can’t go EVERYWHERE

It’s really up to whoever converts your idea into reality to ensure that the floor gradients and drainage have been carefully factored into your doorless shower design. Otherwise, it will be a wet, puddle-soaked and probably bathroom mould-promoting nightmare.

5. You don’t have to use tiles

Sure, tiles with grout seem like the obvious choice, but there are other options too, such as laminated shower/wall panels in a huge range of designs, materials and style varieties.

Need help with your open shower designs?

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