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More and more people are considering the impact they have on the environment, from the energy they use to the waste they produce, to the water they use.

More and more people are thinking about how to save water at home. That’s a good thing, if we do not focus on saving water we are facing a serious depletion.

Often we brush off concerns over the world’s water supply and how to save water resources. After all the planet is covered in blue! But in fact, over 97% of Earth’s water is actually in the form of oceans and seas which is too salty. Out of what is left, 2.5% is in the ice caps. So with less than 1% being fresh water we can drink and clean with, it is important to take more care with what we consume.

Water shortage is a real thing and it is only going to get worse. In fact, we Australians waste a significant amount of water every year, which is something we should be worried about!

Through our work as local Gold Coast plumbers, we have insight into water usage in homes and how simple steps can greatly reduce it. Here are some things you can do to act now and help reduce our consumption of this precious resource.

  1. Turn off your taps when you are not using the water – A lot of people leave a tap running while they are doing something. Even as you brush your teeth. But you could save 6 litres a day just from that one chore, if you shut off the tap, brushed and then turned it back on to rinse. Imagine what else you could save each time you leave a tap running without using the water straight away!
  2. Just boil what you are going to use – Rather than filling a kettle up or a pot for cooking vegetables to the top, just boil what you need. This is a great way to save water in the kitchen.
  3. Consider how long you are in the shower – Another place we waste water is in the shower. While showering is better than taking a bath, there are still ways people waste water. Leaving the shower running before getting in, taking longer showers than you need to. For each minute in the shower, you are using around 17 litres of water. Try setting a timer and making at least some of your shower as short as possible. You can also use water-efficient showerheads which allow to lather with less water and so save money and water.
  4. Think about how you clean your clothes – Planning your washing so you do one full load saves you money on your energy bill and uses less water than if you keep doing half loads.
  5. Consider changing to a low flush toilet – If you are looking at more ways of how to save water in the bathroom you could move to a low flush toilet. Toilets flush roughly 5000 times annually. With a reduced flush modern toilet installed, you could use 4 litres per flush, or possibly 6. An older style of toilet uses as much as 13 litres per flush! Times that by 5000 and you see how much water you are literally flushing away.
  6. Steam rather than boil – Sounds like a silly thing but if you steam rather than boil your vegetables you can save quite a bit of water of a year. If you do boil why not save that water, let it cool and then either use it for soups and gravies or water your garden with it.
  7. Think about when to do your gardening – When looking at how to save water in the garden you can do things like water the plants in the early hours or later in the evening so that the water does not evaporate in the hotter sun during the day. Water them manually rather than using sprinklers. You could also install a rainwater tank to use. Consider it the same leaving out water for birds, animals and even bees and insects.
  8. Dishwashers beat handwashing – Need an excuse to finally get a dishwasher? How about the fact that as long as you fill it up for each use you are using less water than when you do them by hand. This is a good tip for how to save water at home.
  9. Check your water meter – With all your appliances and fixtures turned off, check if your water meter stops. If not you may have a water leak somewhere on your property. They’re not always easy to find, so call on specialists in Gold Coast leak detection for help.
  10. Keep your plumbing efficient – It is important when looking at how to save water that you make sure you do not have any plumbing issues.No leaking pipes, blocked drains, hot water system issues or faulty appliances, and change to modern and more efficient options when possible.

Check the WELS Product Rating System

water rating labelAnother great way of saving water at home is using the national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) program. They use a star-rating system that serves as a guide to consumers as to how water-efficient a product is – more blue stars mean more water efficiency. Currently, WELS covers products such as washing machines, sink taps, toilets, showers, and dishwashers.

Another thing that this scheme provides is information about water consumption figures and average water flow per 60 seconds for showers and taps. Some products also come with rebates; you can check with your water utility supplier or local council.


Saving water and resources is one way of helping our environment and providing a better future for the next generation. Do you need a water efficiency certificate? Would you like a plumbing inspection to see how to save water and money? Get in touch with our team of professionals today!