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A toilet is a toilet, right? Not quite. While it’s true that we’re actually just lucky in our part of the world to have prioritised community health and hygiene with world-leading plumbing infrastructure, that doesn’t mean you just have to settle for any old throne to sit on when nature calls. So how many types of toilets are there in Australia, exactly? Let’s explore:

Are you renovating? Replacing a tired and worn old toilet? Or just fancy educating yourself about all the varied and exciting toilet types Australia wide? Whatever the reason for being here, welcome! Hopefully, with the help of our Gold Coast plumbers, it will be a doddle to choose the best toilet to buy Australia wide … just for you. Now that’s what we call true Aussie freedom.

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First, a warning – just because one toilet may look quite different to another, that doesn’t mean they’re actually different toilet types. We’re very lucky Down Under to be spoiled for choice in terms of toilet design – because you want something for your home that matches your aesthetic taste.

As for those different types of toilet technology? Read on:

1. Gravity toilet

It may sound a bit sci-fi, but it’s actually just the traditional toilet you’ve been using your whole life. The ‘gravity’ just refers to the way the Earth’s core pulls that stored water from the cistern into the bowl when you hit the flush button.

2. Dual flush toilet

While the dual flush was invented some decades earlier in the land of awesome toilet technology – Japan – you’ll probably remember switching from single-flush to dual flush in the 80s or 90s. It just means you can push a half-flush when a full flush may not be necessary, saving you money on your water bills whilst being kind to the environment by saving water itself.

3. Vacuum-assisted toilet

This is one of the newer toilet types, and it’s slowly gaining popularity in Australia. Unlike the gravity toilet, the water from the cistern isn’t just released, it’s actually sucked out in a powerful vacuum, leaving not a trace of the waste in the bowl in just a single flush every time.

4. Pressure-assisted toilet

While the vacuum essentially sucks the water into the bowl, pressure-assisted toilet technology pushes stored air from a vessel in the cistern to send the waste hurtling into your plumbing system. But whilst very effective for a thorough and clean flush in commercial settings, the louder noise of the process might put you off for your home.

5. Rimless toilet

You know the toilet rim – the rim around the bowl that you need to squirt that toilet cleaner underneath to ensure a pristine and hygienic toilet? Well, in a rimless toilet … there’s no rim at all! Its removal, creating a slick look and extremely easy-to-clean bowl, was possible thanks to advanced flushing technology that brilliantly distributes the unprecedentedly clean and thorough flush to every nook and cranny.

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Explore the types of toilets with Gold Coast’s experts

Are you ready to choose from among the various different types of toilets? Here at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts, we understand there’s a lot to think about – the designs, the flush and rim options, water consumption considerations, and the way the toilet sits and fits inside your space. If you need help or guidance with Gold Coast toilet repairs or replacement we are always willing to give you free advice so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.