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It’s the most important seat in the house – so there are plenty of reasons why you’re thinking about replacing your current toilet. Perhaps it’s simple long overdue for a modern upgrade, or it’s cracked, damaged, unsightly or wobbly. No matter the reason, you’ll be needing to learn how to drain a toilet before thinking about removing it and installing the new one.

Luckily, the ol’ toilet drain isn’t difficult at all! And that’s especially true if you follow these simple steps from your trusted Gold Coast plumbers:

1. Prepare the toilet

Before getting stuck in, let’s make sure we don’t add any more water to the system and start by finding and then closing the water shut-off valve. If in doubt, turn the mains off completely.

2. Prepare the bathroom

It’s also a good idea to put some old towels down on the floor around the toilet so that any spilled water doesn’t spoil your day. Now, prepare yourself by protecting your hands with a good pair of rubber gloves.

3. Remove the water from the cistern

First, flush the toilet. That will empty the contents of the cistern into the toilet bowl, with the shut-off valve preventing the system from replacing it.

Now, open the top of the cistern and press down on the lever, which will ensure that any left-over water is also flushed out. If there’s still a puddle, use some sponges to soak it up.

4. Flush the water from the bowl

Fill up a big bucket with water. You’re going to simulate a toilet flush in order to get rid of all the water that is currently in the bowl.

As for how to drain a toilet bowl, that’s simple: hold the bucket about 30-40 centimetres above the water level, and start pouring. As you pour, increase the distance from the bucket to the bowl to fully simulate a strong flush and send the water tumbling down the drain.

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5. Use the sponge again

As was the case with the cistern, there will probably be some left-over water in the bowl – so use that sponge again to soak it all up manually.

6. Having trouble?

If the simulated flush with a bucket didn’t do the trick to complete the toilet drain process, there are a couple of other techniques you can try:

  • Use a plunger: This may be necessary to drain the toilet bowl if you’ve been suffering from a toilet blockage.
  • Bail it out: Another effective way to remove the water is simply to bail it out with a cup. To get as far into the trap as possible, a very small cup – like a spray can lid – may be necessary.
  • Siphon the water: Fill a short garden hose with water and use your thumbs to seal both openings. Put one end into the toilet water and the other in a sizeable bucket that is situated below the water level.

How to drain a toilet with our help!

How did you go? If you’re having trouble, don’t despair – plumbing jobs can be difficult, unpredictable, messy and also quite often unhealthy or even unsafe. Luckily, when you need toilet repairs Gold Coast wide, our experts are on your side and we’ll get that job done for you in a flash. Get in touch today for same-day service, upfront pricing and a workmanship guarantee.