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Argh! Mid-shower and the hot water has run out! Is there anything worse than shivering butt-naked wondering how long does a hot water system take to heat up again?

Then again, it may be the perfect time to consider whether you’re running out of hot water all the time because your existing hot water system is simply no longer compatible with your daily demands. That’s because while a single shower every day should never be a problem, your particular system may need an upgrade so that you’ll never need to shiver in the cold ever again.

Water gone cold? Typically, heat-up times depend almost entirely on what type of hot water system technology you have installed:

  • Electric tank system: Between 1 hour and 90 minutes
  • Gas tank system: Between 30 minutes and an hour
  • Electric continuous flow/instantaneous: 0 minutes
  • Gas continuous flow/instantaneous: 0 minutes.

As you’ve probably already predicted, the reason the re-heat time with tankless/instantaneous-type water heater technologies is 0 minutes is because the system doesn’t store water at all. As long as the energy source is all good – whether normal electricity, mains gas or an LPG bottle – then a properly-functioning system will always supply hot water almost instantly.

As for the more conventional tank-based hot water systems, let’s give a quick run-down as to why you’ll need to patiently wait a while:

1. Electric tank system

This technology is the most traditional and still highly popular, but unfortunately, the wait for more hot water can be the longest. That’s why a lot of households who prefer tank-based systems opt for gas these days – it’s a little cheaper to run and the gas-fired burners are more powerful than an electric element.

2. Gas tank system

As outlined above, average gas re-heat times are significantly faster when a gas-powered burner is in play. Obviously, the size of the hot water system tank alters the average heat-up time of both gas and electric hot water systems, while some modern systems can re-heat your stored water faster than others.

3. Instant/tankless systems

As mentioned earlier, as long as the energy source is connected and working properly, the only wait time for instant hot water system installations depends on how far it has to flow along your pipes to your shower or another outlet. In most cases, it’s a matter of seconds and the time is usually shortest with gas.

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