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Nobody – literally nobody – needs any excuse to despise the act of toilet cleaning absolutely. But deep down, we all know that it simply must be done. And it’s not just that toilets look and smell gross when they’re filthy – and embarrass you when you have friends and family over. A dirty toilet is also the best possible breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can leave you feeling as horrible as that rank toilet bowl looks.

Try our 5-step toilet cleaning hack.

So, while everybody loves a clean toilet, everybody hates the actual act of toilet cleaning. But while you’re never going to love this most despised of all the household cleaning tasks, these toilet cleaning tips should at least make your efforts a little easier – and the end result rather satisfying.

1. Protect yourself

Every job is easier with just the right amount of specific, high-quality tools & products – but let’s start with the obvious one. That would be some decent and fully-impermeable rubber gloves so you don’t need to touch the toilet, water or waste physically. Add in some old clothes & shoes, a face mask or shield and some eye protection, and at least you’ve put a barrier between yourself and the muck.

2. Let the cleaners do their thing

One of our favourite toilet cleaning hacks is simple – think ahead. Although we’re going to actually clean the bowl a little later, let’s make that job a little easier by grabbing our cleaning products of choice and applying them ahead of time. This way, the chemicals and active ingredients can work their magic and kill the bacteria.

We recommend toilet bowl cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or both. Hydrogen peroxide, in particular, is renowned not only for killing germs but also removing stains, scum and bad smells. And if you want an eco-friendly alternative to hydrogen peroxide, reassure yourself that because the by-product is water, it’s already a pretty ‘green’ solution. For underneath the rim, the best idea is your favourite special toilet rim cleaner, which is designed to be turned upside down and squirted in just the right places. (Or maybe start thinking of upgrading to a rimless toilet to lessen the hassle of cleaning!)

Then pour and spread your solutions liberally from the top of the bowl, in and around the rim and into the bowl interior, letting it drip down. And if the toilet bowl is badly stained, just use more – and then let it all sit as you move on to #3.

3. Move on to the exterior

Before we leap (figuratively, of course) into the bowl any deeper, let’s put our focus elsewhere. Luckily, it’s the easy part – and feel free to use as much disinfecting spray as you like, and don’t forget about underneath the toilet seat and in all those little nooks and crannies. You might also like to clean the walls and floors next to and behind the toilet to deal with the microscopic splatter, and we recommend using clean and dry paper towels for the wiping, as you can just throw them away.

While you’re busy, your cleaning solutions at #2 have had some time to work their magic.

4. Attack the stains

We all know how to use a toilet brush and how to make the unstained parts of our toilet bowls shine – so get that out of the way first. But what about the stains? A simple mix of white vinegar and baking soda is really effective (also useful for unblocking drains!), but here’s one you may not have heard of before – Coca-Cola! Just crack the tin, pour the entire contents in the bowl, and leave it for a while for the acids to work their magic – overnight is best, so you may need to complete the task tomorrow.

Now, the really hard work begins – the scrubbing! Get as deep into the U-bend as you can, and consider a pumice stone for the most stubborn stains.

5. Finish up

Stand back from your handiwork and clean up any residue with ordinary disinfectant, toilet cleaner and paper towels. Have you brought your toilet to an as-new shine?

Is your stained toilet too far gone?

While our 5-step method is sure to make your toilet germ-free and smell great, it’s quite possible some of those stains have become permanent. That’s usually due to a limescale and mineral buildup that can be so bad that it’s eaten its way into the bowl ceramic itself. In that case, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts can fix you with a full, fast and affordable toilet replacement.

We cover a huge area all across the Gold Coast and beyond with same-toilet repairs and full replacement and installation – complete with fair, fixed pricing and our 100% lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. If your toilet is too far gone, get in touch with our expert Gold Coast plumbers today.