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Many, many locals are completely used to it, while visitors often call it “disgusting”. We’re talking about the quality of Gold Coast tap water, which according to the city authorities, is “safe, reliable and high quality”. But is that entirely correct? And why do so many locals and residents choose to drink bottled water instead?

Indeed, the City of Gold Coast has even launched a program called ‘Choose Tap‘, arguing that Gold Coast tap water is drinkable but also better for the environment and your hip pocket. The authorities say the local drinking supply is “some of the highest quality water in Australia”, with laboratories always monitoring the quality and safety by sampling and testing.

However, it’s simply a fact that what we call Gold Coast council water comes from several different sources, including rivers, dams, groundwater bores, weirs and even providers of recycled water and desalination plants. And even the Queensland government admits that tap water in the state can be “discoloured” due to the presence of iron and manganese, contaminated by corroded service pipes, and sometimes have “an unusual taste or smell”.

What else does the Queensland government admit may be in your Gold Coast tap water?:

  • Fluoride: The question we get asked about the most regarding tap water is ‘Is there fluoride in Gold Coast water?’. The answer is yes – according to the regulations, up to 0.8 parts per million is allowed.
  • Organic matter: Also in there may be algae or bacteria, often giving Queensland water a bad smell and taste.
  • Chlorine: Queensland tap water also contains chlorine, to tackle germs.
  • Trace elements: If your Gold Coast council water tastes metallic, that could be trace elements of copper or iron.
  • Pathogens: The chlorine is supposed to kill all the bad microorganisms, while water filters at the treatment plants are designed to filter out cryptosporidium and giardia – both dangerous parasites.

Is it time to consider Gold Coast water filters?

Did reading all of that make you wonder if there’s something you can do to add a further layer of protection to you and your family’s health? After all, water may be the source of all life, but it’s really up to you to make sure the contents of your family’s drinking glasses really are pure, safe & delicious.

Think of it as a protective wall that only lets pure, clean, crisp, clear water into your drinking tap, whilst blocking all the nasties – from sand & sediment to dangerous pathogens, bacteria and other contaminants.

Will a water filter:

  • Improve the taste?: Yes, whether the bad smell or taste was caused naturally or by the treatment process, most filters will help.
  • Remove bacteria?: Reverse osmosis water filters will remove harmful bacteria.
  • Soften hard water?: Gold Coast tap water is known to be ‘hard’ – meaning it contains calcium and magnesium. Water filters will help to soften the water.
  • Be easy to install?: While some simple water filters can be installed by a handy do-it-yourselfer, others need to be installed and ‘plumbed-in’ professionally.

Ask about our Gold Coast water filters

If you’re feeling thirsty for clear, crisp, healthy, safe & delicious Gold Coast tap water, Gold Coast Plumbing Experts can install a water filtration system and have it up and running at your home or premises before you know it. Get in touch with our Gold Coast plumbers to find out more.