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When was the last time you did a bit of stormwater maintenance? While those community drains are not your responsibility, just about everything else is – and we’re talking not just about your gutters, downpipes and stormwater drains but also the roof plumbing & infrastructure, pits, and even the way your landscaping affects the runoff. Need some quick stormwater  management system and maintenance tips? We’re happy to oblige.

Do you have a stormwater maintenance plan?

But first things first: why bother with stormwater maintenance? Let it all get out of hand with damage, wear & tear and months upon months of heavy rain and storms, and you’re risking flooding, unhealthy standing water and even damage to your property’s very foundations. The answer is simple – make a stormwater drain maintenance plan and stay vigilant. Here’s how:

1. A visual check

As often as you think about it, remain mindful about stormwater drainage system maintenance. That means keeping tabs on:

  • Whether water pours out of gutters
  • The presence of standing water
  • Whether stormwater drains are clearing efficiently
  • Tracking any rust or damage to drain grates
  • Whether downpipes are gurgling
  • The progress of growing trees near stormwater pipes.

2. Clean your gutters

When was the last time you cleaned out your gutters? If you can’t really remember, it’s time! That’s because the typical debris and gunk that clogs your gutters and downpipes don’t just lead to overflowing water but potential serious damage to your roof, property, foundations and assets.

  • TIP: If you’re feeling proactive, install some gutter debris guards.

3. Do a stormwater grate check

Especially if you have multiple drains at your place, you need to keep an eye on the condition of the grates. Just a single storm can clog them up with sediment and debris, so a good rule of thumb is to give them a check when the weather forecast predicts a storm – and then follow up with a post-storm inspection!

4. How’s the flow?

Between that pre-storm and post-storm inspection, don’t relax during the actual storm itself! If the rain is really heavy, that’s the perfect time to see if stormwater is running efficiently in a controlled manner towards the drain – not in the opposite direction. If the severity or direction of flow is not right or has changed since the last downpour, your plumber can use a CCTV drain inspection camera to see if there are any obstructions or problems.

5. Get some regular jetting

Your plumber will also never be too far away from their ultra-high pressure water jetter, which is better than just about any other equipment at flushing an entire stormwater system out – and even blasting through tree roots.

6. Consider a pit & pump

If the flow at tip #4 is not right, the best solution for your place might be a stormwater pit. Basically, it just gives all that water somewhere to wait until it can flow at the proper rate into the stormwater drainage pipes. As for a pump, that’s how even large volumes of water can be directed away from your property when gravity just isn’t enough.

While you’re making that stormwater maintenance plan, consider:

  • Checking, clearing & replacing drain debris filters
  • Use stormwater to water your garden
  • Grow vegetation on bare spots to minimise flooding potential
  • Consider installing a French drain system
  • Clear up potential blockage debris, including grass clippings & leaves.
  • Get pipes inspected, and if necessary, consider pipe relining.

Need help with local stormwater system maintenance?

But even if you’re up-to-date with stormwater maintenance best practices, you can still run into serious trouble with the way water finds its way off your property – especially in the sunny but often rain-soaked Gold Coast! The good news is that your local stormwater and drainage specialists at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts have all the gear, training and hands-on know-how to tune up your stormwater system – from a bit of maintenance to comprehensive repairs and customised solutions. For same-day service, upfront pricing, fully guaranteed workmanship and a smile every time, give the friendly stormwater team at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts a shout.