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Let’s face it: hot water systems aren’t just pretty pricey; they’re absolutely crucial for a happy life. It can therefore be very worrying if you spot a leak, the hot water isn’t quite as hot as it should be, the water is discoloured, or your previously enjoyable shower is down to a trickle. But what if everything else is fine, and you have a hot water system making noise that it really shouldn’t be making? Should you be worried?

Quick answer: yes, you should be worried! A hot water system making noise – whether it’s humming, popping, hissing, bubbling, high-pitched, banging or knocking – is a sure sign that something isn’t right at all. In fact, it may be on the verge of a catastrophic failure.

So what noise is your hot water system making?:

1. Hot water system making humming noise

It may be a low-level sound, but a hot water system making humming noises is more than just irritating – it could just be the sound of the critical parts working themselves loose through vibration. With a bit of luck, some servicing can get to the bottom of the vibrations and save your all-important parts.

2. Hot water system making a knocking noise

Also heard or interpreted as banging or hammering, a hot water system making loud noises  like tapping or ticking sound of this nature is usually the sound of water crashing into the shutoff valves – a little like a water hammer in your plumbing pipes. The solution can also be just as simple, with water hammer arrestor remedies designed to give the water pressure somewhere to go.

3. Hot water heater tank making a high-pitched noise

High-pitched, screaming and screeching noises from your hot water system certainly sound like a big deal when it’s happening – and, again, it’s probably a tempering valve problem. If they can’t open all the way while the water is trying to make its way through, high-pitched water heater sounds can be the outcome – like squeezing the top of a balloon as the air rushes out. A hot water heater inspection is what you’ll need to ask your local plumber for.

4. Hot water system making a popping noise

It’s not as alarming as banging or hammering, but it might be a valve issue when your system is popping or tapping. But it’s also possible that sediment and scale are building up in the tank to such a degree that it starts to roil around and make these types of sounds. We recommend getting your water heating element and valves checked, and a full hot water system flush is done.

Don’t let a noisy, hot water system get you down

Is your hot water system making noises that we haven’t covered above? Luckily, the experienced and fully-licensed team of plumbers and hot water repair specialists at Gold Coast Plumbing Experts have heard them all! Whether some quick maintenance, a deeper inspection and service, some changed parts, or a full system replacement is necessary, we can get it done for you in a flash – complete with our 100% guarantee on all workmanship for life! Don’t let a noisy, hot water system get you down – instead, simply call Gold Coast Plumbing Experts right now!