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You may have heard about the importance of getting a gas compliance certificate, but not know much more about it. What, precisely, is it? Where do you get one from? Are you sure you need it? Confused?

We’re always here to help. And while getting a gas certificate of compliance – whatever the precise terminology is in your jurisdiction – is definitely important, it’s probably not as confusing as you suspect. If you’re a resident or a business owner and you need some gas works done at your place, and you’re worried that you could fall seriously short of the rules about gas compliance, this guide is just for you.

The Queensland gas compliance certificate in a nutshell

In Queensland, this credential comes under the category of “gas system compliance certificates”, and displaying a gas compliance plate is also part of the system.

In other states, it can have slightly different names, but all over Australia, it’s just the authorities’ way of being able to quickly recognise whether works involving gas at your place is all above board. Gas fitting is a dangerous and complex task done only by licensed gas fitting professionals, and the gas compliance certificate is proof that every rule and standard was strictly followed and that the work was done safely. So while it may seem like a pain for the home or business owner, the system is actually there for your protection. If the gas work has been done improperly, for instance, it will be the gas fitter who is in trouble and liable for rectification.

So think of the gas certificate of compliance as the ‘thumbs up’ for everyone to confidently switch on the gas.  Here’s what else you need to know:

1. You get one from the gas fitter

Worried about what you need to do to get your certificate, and in what circumstances? Don’t be – it’s the job of the plumber or gas fitter to get you your copy, and send another to the network provider. They’re also required to keep a copy for at least 3 years.

2. Yes, you REALLY need the certificate

But if you really want to know if your installation or works require a gas compliance certificate in Queensland, here’s the simple answer: “Yes”. The reason for that is that, across Australia, just about every single bit of work involving gas must be done by a licensed gas fitter and a gas compliance certificate issued. Think you can get away with a backyard job, therefore sidestepping the need for a certificate and plate? Think again. Because you always need a licensed gas fitter to do your gas work, gas suppliers are empowered to switch off your gas – or refuse to turn it on in the first place – if they don’t get that certificate.

3. You also need a gas compliance plate

Along with the certificate comes a gas compliance plate, which is physically attached to the gas installation with all the relevant details clearly displayed. A new gas oven installation for example will need a new plate attached. If what you’re working on already has a plate, such as a gas hot water system, you may need a new one or details added to the existing one – but again, this is the gas fitter’s responsibility to organise.

Does all this talk about gas compliance have you concerned about dodgy operators? We’re not surprised! Luckily, our friendly licensed local plumbers on the Gold Coast know exactly what they’re talking about, as they do this sort of work each and every day. So don’t let gas get you down and give the experts a call – we’ll be delighted to help.

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